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  1. This still happens for me on the Launch upgrade on multiple occasions. Not restricted to Binge eaters, had one Destructive guy get it, and there's no initial stress trigger for any of them. I just notice this from the spontaneous stress spike as dupes lose the meal+ great hall + adjacent natural reserve morale boosts. Might be worth noting that the save this happens in is more of a late-game (800-ish, 16 dupes) where I play on speed 2 as the fastest one makes everything lag (including dupe decision-making). Sadly debug output isn't generated for me and state resets after reloading the game, so not much use from this message, eh. Just wanted to bump it up, I guess.
  2. The same amount of food items (as in separate items in the list, not the mass) with different levels of contamination don't lag that much though. Sure, both of these item types don't stack together like solids do. Feels like there are two completely different implementations here, though it's obviously only speculation. Food is actually more complex, as it has spoilage and germ levels, but I've not had problems with a megacalorie worth of food.. feels like something else is at play here.
  3. If you store a lot of manufactured medical items (packs and vials) in a single container, inspecting said container results in huge performance issues. Note that this happens even on pause, so there must be some constant recalculations involved that I wouldn't expect to really happen. Attaching savegame file. Check the second storage container directly to the left of the printing pod (the left one in the food CO2 room, with some shine bugs). Thanks for a great game!
  4. Can confirm this when using the Refinery built with Abyssalite and polluted water as coolant. The source coolant's temp seems to be ignored in favour of the "0kg" output that's not going anywhere. This might be tied to another thing when dupes run and pick up the output coolant manually (bottle it away) - i'm forbidding this by means of customized door roles. Opening generic access doesn't seem to trigger the carrying-away delivery when there's this lingering "0kg" item inside, though. UP: AT-242561 ; attaching the save where the issue happens during usual play. Reloading a save changes the behaviour, though. STR: load it and just query copper ore smelted in the refinery at the center of the camera. A guy will come in and churn one batch - the coolant output will be generated with the same temp as input (sometimes it gets the heat okay, sometimes the heat blinks okay for a moment and then is reverted to the initial value). The more smelt iterations there are, the higher the chance is the thing would glitch. Again, the "0kg" object gets removed upon save+reload. Hope that helps. BCK FMV.sav
  5. (has been briefly mentioned in the latest devstream, but I can't see the report here, so for the sake or redundancy..) When large lumps of resources accumulate on a single tile with the size around 100k, on world reload their size gets reset to some 1-5k. It doesn't seem to be related to integer overflow, though, as, for example, 105k and 110k lumps are both "rounded down" to 1k. This is noticeable during normal play if you're using the "quantum stockpile" technique by constantly emptying the compactors, which generates progressively larger lumps of ores under them. This is on AU-220294
  6. Same for me, when using the gas filter to separate oxygen and hydrogen I almost always have it pump into the main output, so the gas that is supposed to be sieved (hydrogen) not only gets ignored, but apparently it gets plainly destroyed in the process, rendering the electrolysis setup kind of useless for energy generation purposes. Had the sieve output work only once, and it seemed it was destroying the main gas output, too.