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  1. I have same error when going to my save which was retrofitted to include latest content (lunar caves), however no error for the saves which I haven't loaded since before the update. Error happens when I go to Host -> select server, before I can Resume it. I didn't try to Resume older saves, because I don't want to break them too. -- Also I see few other people reporting same exact error earlier today.
  2. Looks like this was not a bug after all, seeing how it is closed. I added a little note about it to the wiki here: https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/Seasons/Dry
  3. Usually saves as normal, both periodically and when I save and exit. Although it does lag a bit when saving. I've heard before that Shipwrecked sometimes crashes on saving (even before beta), looks like I run into this same issue.
  4. I am playing Shipwrecked Beta, so I am not sure if this happens in main branch as well. I haven't found anything about this behaviour on wiki, or in bug tracker, so I assume it is a new bug. Normally, 3 "warning" tremors happen before Volcano eruption (which starts at the time of 4th tremor). However if I fully appeased Volcano after certain number of tremors - these tremors stop. When they resume - I expect the countdown to begin anew (with 3 "warning" tremors before final 4th one and the eruption), however I get reduced number of tremors instead. For example: If I appeased volcano after first tremor, next time I only get 2 "warning" tremors before the eruption. If I appeased volcano after second tremor, next time I get one "warning" tremor. If it appears to not be a bug - I'll go edit a wiki page I guess.
  5. Oh no, the poo, it's running away! On a serious note, just had same issue while playing today. My last night in hurricane season was pretty rainy and windy, so maybe this happens when it's windy right at the moment of season end?
  6. A streamer I watch who plays Shipwrecked Beta and plays Wilbur (monkey, doesn't really speak so no character warning) was having this issue a lot - some crocodog waves would come completely unannounced (i.e. no croco rawr sound), or with only one warning. I play Walani so I dunno, I just rely on character warning.
  7. I am playing in Shipwrecked Beta, but I am pretty sure this is not Beta-specific. From time to time (once per 30 ingame days, I'd say) game randomly crashes to desktop without showing any error messages. Actions at that time are nothing specific - I remember one time I was killing some crocodogs that just came in a wave, another time just now - hunting bearded crabbits. I attached log file after crash happened just now. log.txt
  8. I play in Beta, and don't know if this is also reproduced in main branch. -- When Walani has her surfboard in inventory, "broken boat" animation for this surfboard still shows. In attached screenshot, I have very broken surfboard in my backpack, while riding a brand new armored boat. However I keep seeing surfboard pieces fall off my boat into the sea.
  9. Not sure if intended, but Rainbow Jelly don't reappear after they are killed in some area. Normal Jellyfishes do respawn.
  10. (not sure if this happens only in Beta, or in main branch too) Normally when Trawl Net is used up and dropped into the sea - it disappears after a while, and if items were still in it - they will float on water. However sometimes Trawl Net doesn't disappear (even the empty one) and many days later I return to same area and it is still there. I believe it should always disappear. Maybe it happens when Trawl Net is manually dropped before it's full, not sure about that.
  11. Is it normal that we all got 3 Sharx (assuming they appeared from dropping meat/killing sea life) instead of 1? Looks more like a wave behavior. For Crocodogs only one is spawning for dropped meat, at least in my games.
  12. (pls make Sharks spawn some other way though, maybe from shark mounds, they are so cute I'm gonna miss them <3)
  13. Can confirm - had Sharks for one of my hound waves yesterday. Note: - My Sharks were on water (3 of them) - I had other hound waves before and after, which were fully Crocodogs, plus had Crocodogs spawning when killing fish; Sharks only appeared that one time. - For Sharks wave, there was no text warning from character.