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  1. add Mornig star blue print

    Hello, The morning star blue seems to be not sold in the shop. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but, in case... And i love this weapon THanks
  2. Hello, With Wheeler, on win 10 with controller. In RoG and SW (and perhaps in Hamlet). When you dig turf with a pitchfork, Wheeler dig the next block after the good one.
  3. Hello, Rain coat not protect when use a rame in boat => player is quickly wet.
  4. With controller, on win 10 64bits, i can't turn the wheel to change boat direction. But i can take the wheel in "my" hands.
  5. Can't place boat kit with controller

    Same thing for me.
  6. Can't place boat on water

    Same thing only with a controller. With mouse it's work.
  7. Hello, Bird desappear in birdcage after reload (blue bird in classic birdcage with willow on win 10 64 bits xbox controler). Bird is not invisible : it despawn from the birdcage.
  8. Crash server - lost connection

    Same bug in 332910
  9. Hello, On win 10 64 bits with xbox controller, with the Willow update. The game crash all 2-3 or 4 days in the last quarter of the day. logs files (client + server) are attached. It's perhaps the same "fixed" bug reported in Thanks for all server_log.txt client_log.txt
  10. Bug report not work

    The bug appears only when : - you are playing ; - there is a crash (on the screen appears informations about lua files, etc.) ; => the submit button don't work. But if, when i'm not playing, i go in options / report a bug, it's work.
  11. Hello, On win 10 64bits with xbox controler + Hamlet EA Beta branch, it's not possible to submit a bug in "report an issue" after the crash screen . (And i have not found the error in the log file...) Thanks for all
  12. Wortox can't dig with xbox controler

    Thank you :))))
  13. Hello, On windows 10 64 bits with xbox controler, Wortox can't dig. He move in the direction of a "sool hop" bug not dig :(( Thanks for you help
  14. Hello, When i take the Skyworthy from Hamlet to an allready generated Shipwrecked world, i arrive in Shipwrecked by the Seaworthy (an not the Skyworthy). "bug" reproducted in Release 309157. Thanks again for your work
  15. Warly portable crockpot - crash

    The crash seems to appears with meatballs and pierogies. Not with fishstick, gombo, monster tartare, bacon and eggs. Ans the crash appears with the portable cookpot A!nd normal crock-pot.