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  1. I observed over a dozen or more cycles where it kept getting lower and lower, from gram, to milligrams, to micrograms, which doesn't seem very realistic, but there is so much I don't know. The creators know way more than I do about all the concepts this game requires one to learn.
  2. It does not appear to be functioning correctly or, at least, how I expected it to. Is this supposed to happen? I thought the oxygen would be sucked into the vacuum of space. I am currently creating a water lock for my heavy watt wire to travel through, in hopes to prevent this vacuum from affecting my base without some kind of way to lock it out. I am connecting my solar panel setup to my power grid... and, this part isn't bug, but I noticed all my batteries overheating and I had to disable my panels and run pipes of cold water through my batteries. Once the pipes are fully connected, I can enable one of my water pumps... I am not used to posting on the forums, but I am curious if this is an issue. The picture, I think, will explain itself. I hope all is well at Klei. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this utterly amazing game! I've only been playing for 90 hours and I expect to put in 1000's of hours. I LOVE ONI!