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  1. When trying to create a shipwrecked game, I keep trying to go into world just to make some adjustments and I always get this screen. I've been trying to change the starting season because when I start a game without trying to adjust the world, it starts me in dry season and I die quickly. I can play Hamlet and Reign of Giants without issue.
  2. Game Crashes When Editing World while creating game

    May I ask what a hot fix is? I’m not especially savvy with this kinda stuff.
  3. FixSWSeasons

    trying to use this, having trouble, bleh
  4. Alright so the issue I have is that I'm constantly overheating in mild season when I know based on asking friends that it's not supposed to do that at all. I'm not near fires, don't have any obsidian tools, none of that. And when I play I usually make an active effort to keep cool such as using items like a straw hat and tropical parasol. Due to the overheating starting at such an early point in the game- you have at most three days to prepare, and that is no way enough so I end up dying on day eight or just stopping that game slot due to not having fun, since you really can't do anything when constantly stressing over overheating.
  5. Overheating in Mild Season

    Mhm, nothing major really- usually turn bad mobs to low and the ship wrecked equivalent of hounds all the way off since they stress me waaaaay too much lol