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  1. Game Crashes When Editing World while creating game

    May I ask what a hot fix is? I’m not especially savvy with this kinda stuff.
  2. When trying to create a shipwrecked game, I keep trying to go into world just to make some adjustments and I always get this screen. I've been trying to change the starting season because when I start a game without trying to adjust the world, it starts me in dry season and I die quickly. I can play Hamlet and Reign of Giants without issue.
  3. FixSWSeasons

    trying to use this, having trouble, bleh
  4. Overheating in Mild Season

    Mhm, nothing major really- usually turn bad mobs to low and the ship wrecked equivalent of hounds all the way off since they stress me waaaaay too much lol
  5. Alright so the issue I have is that I'm constantly overheating in mild season when I know based on asking friends that it's not supposed to do that at all. I'm not near fires, don't have any obsidian tools, none of that. And when I play I usually make an active effort to keep cool such as using items like a straw hat and tropical parasol. Due to the overheating starting at such an early point in the game- you have at most three days to prepare, and that is no way enough so I end up dying on day eight or just stopping that game slot due to not having fun, since you really can't do anything when constantly stressing over overheating.