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  1. This is Hunter in pixel art form. Hunter: The Rook "Hmph! I can do better." - can level things in one hit (100% axe = 100-1000 trees or Death to 10 Deerclopses "200 Damage each hit") - almost everything is scared of her (Mobs run away as she gets near) - blind (Very tiny visibility range) Other things, Height: two to three inches shorter than Wilson Age: 13 or a year older than Wendy and Abigail Relations: Wilson (Uncle), Maxwell (Grandfather), Wendy and Abigail (Second Aunts) Likes: Catcoons, Other Clockworks, The Dark, Durians, Charlie, Chester Dislikes: Pengulls, Maxwell, Wilson, Other People Warning Her About Her Blindness Others: Hunter was already born in the DS world even if she is blind, the rest of her senses can pinpoint anything with accuracy. She has Ombrophobia (fear of rain) because it blocks the rest of her senses out as well. Why does she have hair over her one eye? Well, uh, The eyeball there is gone, probably it's on one of the one-eyed "thingys" there are. (Eye bone, Florid Postern or Deerclopes etc.) All the other mobs are a afraid of her hunting skills and power to kill. When Hunter tries to use an axe, pickaxe or other tools, like a clockwork rook, she levels them down one by one or in a straight line. Yet all of these over powered stuff is balance out by Hunter's very small rage of senses/sight.
  2. I like working on my pixel art with microsoft excel even if it's hard. I kind of like challenging myself. BTW I'm working on Hunter's Pixel Art. (Hunter wearing different costumes)
  3. I accidentally forgot. School started a few weeks ago and I've been focusing on that. Sorry . I was going to post around a week ago but my cat gave birth. So far, I need "re-read" the chapters to remember where I stopped, before I continue. But I've been "trying to make fan art", not sure when I'll post though. PS: I might post short stories about my other OCs (not made for DS). Normally about what might happen if the entered the DS world.
  4. Hey Guys! I've got this nice concept for the next pixel art I'm going to make. Only one problem I have no idea which DS chracter to start with. Reply who you want me to start with. One of the ones from the previous pixel art is preferable. Thanks!
  5. Oops... I made this in a rush. I didn't really look up the image for a fire hound (I know they're Red-ish). Although in the middle of making this, it did kind of look strange.
  6. Wilson, Albert, Wendy, Willow and Webber with Raven, Quoth and Ria I tried recreating the logo. Don't mind the slight green on some parts (Photoshop selector tool wasn't the accurate). I had no idea where to put chester. And I don't know how I managed to make a pixel hound in the first place.
  7. A very old Pixel art I made about two or three years ago. It would be handy if had the actual pixel art in my laptop. It was so hard to make the logo.
  8. That's alright, But my normal character is slightly different. This is more like the Darkness/Demon Version. Which reminds me... Did I ever show what guys how Hunter looks like?
  9. A comic about when I first came across Maxwell's Door. So I built a Divining rod for the first time. The signal was faint at first and I began going east, across the rock feild where I mine rocks, flint and nitre from which was like a few seconds from camp. But there was a very tiny unexplored portion of it. That is where I found the portal. It's about 20-30 normal inches from camp. (I wish I had a picture of it but unfortunately a social media site deleted my old account where I posted the picture and the laptop where the picture was is broken) In all my 600+ hours of Don't Starve I have only found one door legit* and I always die on Day 62. I hate you Day 62, I lost the door because of you! How I died in Adventure mode the first time. I thought the lighter would keep me warm.
  10. Some weird Pixel art about Willow. This is what I do when it's night and I'm far away from camp. I grab a torch and set an isolated flammable object on fire.
  11. Wilson recalled an old memory from a long time ago. We were here before. Most of you don’t remember anything… He looks around. He puts on his puffy vest and winter hat. Raven flies into vest. He walks outside. Snow was falling from the sky. Willow huddles close to Ria and the fire pit for warmth. Albert was pushing a couple logs into camp with Quoth trying to pretend to be a cat cap. Wigfrid was preparing for a winter koalefant hunt. Webber was trying to shave the silk off his face. Wendy was playing tag Abigail. “Catch me if you can Wendy!” “Careful what you wish for! Got you!” “No fair!” I remember when we were once like that… Wilson mind remembers another memory. “Come on, Wilson run faster!” “I’m trying! Come back here you cookie gobbler!” Wilson and Nelson were chasing Albert because he ate all the cookies. Unfortunately they never caught up to him. That was fun and a long time ago… I’m sorry Nelson. He walks to the crockpot for breakfast. He grabs the froggle bunwich and starts eating it piece by piece. He looks towards the exit of camp. Normally he would expect a pair of eyes staring blindlessly back at him but there was none now. Hunter gone is good, right? Why does it feel wrong? All the traps outside of camp caught something. So after eating the weird sandwich, Wilson went out to check them. He lifts one trap and grabs the traumatized rabbit. He lifted another one and another rabbit tried to escape before Wilson grabbed it again. He collects the rabbits and moves on to the traps near the spider dens. These have been left out for a while so the spiders are probably dead. He lifts each one and gets the silk. He lifts another and grabs the spider gland. After setting the traps, he heads back to camp as he was starting to freeze. ___________________________________________________________ “Ria! Stop sleeping inside the fire pit! How am I going to burn things without the hazard of burning the entire camp now?!” Willow tries to push Ria out of the fire pit. Ria refuses to wake up. Willow shoes digging into the snow. Ria rolls over to her other side and makes Willow fall into the ashes beside the fire pit. Willow gets up. She sees Wolfgang passing by with meat in his hands. “Wolfgang, could you help me?” “Did the puppy sleep in the pit of the fire again?” “Yes…” Wolfgang goes for his attempt. Ria is awake at this point and doesn’t seem bothered by what Wolfgang was doing. She just simply got up and laid down again on the warm embers. “If the meatsack wants to sleep there it can sleep there!” WX-78 tried to drop a log on to Ria and she instantly burnt it. She starts growling at 78 and gets out of the fire pit attempting snap at him. “That worked.” ____________________________________________________ I think if Firehounds don’t appear in Winter because of how cold it is. I guess when there’s no fire, poor Ria will freeze to death within seconds. Sorry for the delay... I was doing a few pixel art projects...