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  1. Just some additional information: It seems like this is mainly prevalent during the Lush season. So perhaps something to do with a combination of the brambles and the full moon (or something else Lush-season related) More: Night after the full moon also gave lag. it doesn't lag during the day/dusk, only lags at night. Will update if the next night is laggy too, might just be something with night time during lush season. (like combo of night + insanity + brambles???) - ye appears to be all nights of lush season (though full moon is by far the worse)
  2. I've noticed the game occasionally starts running in slow motion. it still registers me running around, fighting, collecting resources etc. but the entire game is running at a greatly reduced speed making things feel very awkward. This has occurred on multiple occasions (but I can't recall all of them off hand, will comment with updates if I see something else that triggers it), but I know it happens on some full moons. Also relevant: the slowdown persisted for the entirety of the full moon, and disappeared seconds after it ended -- i.e. it almost immediately went back to normal game speed). I attached a clip of this slowdown (you can skip the first bit of the clip where I am staring at my map) -- starts around the 10 second mark 2020101301342000-C8DEC766058786A4B915D833A681A55E.mp4
  3. The hamlet world I was playing on was compatible with all the DLCs and occurred while playing as Wilba. I've since started a new world as wickerbottom and this issue hasn't occurred for me yet (though I've only been collecting 1 tuber at a time and this time I was far from the iron biome at the start of the Lush season so the issue might be related to the trees going from regular tubers to blooming tubers. Also edit to post above, I meant to say Lush season not Humid. Got them mixed up :P
  4. This is for the nintendo switch version, screenshot attached. Bug occurred multiple times at start of humid season - first time: I was collecting blooming tubers, got a stack and a half then received the error/crash. - second time: I just grabbed a few regular tubers, made it a fair bit away from the iron biome and then crashed with same error.