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  1. So... I did a special challenge... I honestly don't know what to call this challenge but... I guess I'll call it the 10/1/10 challenge!
    Basically, you have to draw a specific picture in first, 10 minutes. Then you have to make that same drawing in 1 minute. Last, you have to make that same drawing in 10 seconds. This is the hilarious outcome of that challenge.

    10 Minutes


    1 Minute


    10 Seconds



    Now, this is my drawing when I actually tried to finish it without a timer.59b496e42aa45_ElOrugaconElBurro.thumb.png.8ca051dfe779207b9bacad4ff8364071.png

    Didn't feel like coloring it lol.


    And yes, that is a giant caterpillar wearing a sombrero who is also on the back of a donkey.

    I hereby nominate @artistcrab to complete this challenge!