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  1. So... I did a special challenge... I honestly don't know what to call this challenge but... I guess I'll call it the 10/1/10 challenge!
    Basically, you have to draw a specific picture in first, 10 minutes. Then you have to make that same drawing in 1 minute. Last, you have to make that same drawing in 10 seconds. This is the hilarious outcome of that challenge.

    10 Minutes


    1 Minute


    10 Seconds



    Now, this is my drawing when I actually tried to finish it without a timer.59b496e42aa45_ElOrugaconElBurro.thumb.png.8ca051dfe779207b9bacad4ff8364071.png

    Didn't feel like coloring it lol.


    And yes, that is a giant caterpillar wearing a sombrero who is also on the back of a donkey.

    I hereby nominate @artistcrab to complete this challenge!

  2. I don't know why but I feel like I've been avoiding this forum... My friends finally convinced me to come back... I'm just so nervous! >.<

  3. I got together with @artistcrab and @kairibunny on Skype and we decided to record a YouTube video of us playing Don't Starve Together. Boy did we get a kick out of it! XD
  4. Well Snack does call him "Uncle Nero"! XD
  5. With the trees in the back, my effects brush started glitching and it caused the leaves to mess up and not look as detailed. Also, I make my digital art on a tablet and I use a stylist to draw, in order to stimulate the feeling of holding a pencil. About your headcanon, bravo my friend. Bravo. XD
  6. These are two digital drawings I made while on a plane. The one of Wes was finished on the plane but I had started it three days before. I had procrastinated too much when drawing him. >.< I had started drawing Chester, hoping to make a drawing of Willow cuddling him. But I just ended up going with the flow and created it the way it is now! (sorry for the lack of shading in both pictures. I was feeling way too lazy XD)
  7. No, they're right. I did make the hands pincer like. Although it was on purpose. =)
  8. Thank you so much! About the Don't Starve thread, how would I do that? I'm still relatively new to these forums so a few things are very confusing for me.
  9. I've finally finished my drawing of Charlie! I'm really proud of how it turned out!
  10. It's alright. Thank you so much for the compliment! >/////<
  11. No, I made the drawing lol. My drawing just made my lines much darker and messier. >.<
  12. Here's a little drawing I made of Wilson in class today. Sadly, my friend Harmonee thought I would be okay with her outlining the drawing. So now, the lines are messed up... >.<