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  1. I tried starting a new game since the previous one i had already started with refused to start this morning. But, now im not even allowed to choose caracter. This is the third time in two days with issues.
  2. Why does this keep happening? I started up a new game yesterday. Played for 4 hours. When i logged in today, it wont start.
  3. By the way, I tried removing all the mods and restart. Did not work.
  4. Started game yesterday. Had no issues. Played for 2-3 hours. When i logged in today. This is happened(pic).
  5. Yesterday i started a new dont starve together game, but today it will not let me enter the game because of some fault in a few mods that ive added. Ive tried removing the mods, but its still not allowing me to enter. Ive added a photo.