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  1. I live in Sevastopol (Crimea, Russia). But my Ip is sometimes identified as Ukrainian.
  2. Hello. Sorry for my english. Yesterday I activated the gift Don't Starve Together in Steam. Installed it and first started the game. After the loading screen, I clicked play and I saw a message: "Connection to Klei failed. Could not connect to Klei's servers. Characters and worlds from online games will be unavailable. Continue and play offline?" (the game starts offline). I tried to restart game, Steam, computer, reinstalled the game, but nothing helped. I disabled the antivirus (Kaspersky Internet Security), but the game also run offline. The game has been updated to the latest version. I don't have mods installed. I have wired internet, no router. I'm running the game in administrator mode. Can you help me, pls?