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  1. That's why I own all the DS games. That's why Klei is the ONLY studio that I tolerate Early Access games. They have proven themselves, time and again, as a reliable company that puts out quality products and treats it's customers well. They didn't have to do this, but I'm really glad they did. Looking forward to those rare skins
  2. Perhaps you just got food to the before they needed to eat rations. Pretty sure the rations don't have a "freshness" that degrades over time. So they'll just be held until they are the only thing left to eat.
  3. Came here to post this exact bug. I have someone with a decor requirement of 125, and even though the surrounding area is around 250 decor he still gained stress. It's pretty easy to duplicate. Just make a small room with a duplicant with a high level of something, like 30 athletics. It causes the decor requirement to be over 100 which seems to be the limited on their needs panel.
  4. Everyone is so excited about the pets and new boss, and here I am almost jumped out of my chair, when I saw we were finally getting GATES!