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  1. "Let us journey on!" Ysuleah said and started on the bridge.
  2. "We're not doing nothing! We're about to go out on an adventure! But first I think we should start by getting out of this cave. Follow me!" s/he gestured and went outside the cave. There was the large mountain with the bridge, just as s/he remembered. "I wonder what awaits us thither!" s/he said, pointed to their destination.
  3. Ysuleah went back into the cave and found Skelletoast and Pyro laying on the floor. "Oh good, you're here!" s/he said "You're just in time to explore the mountain side with me. It's better to have company than to go alone"
  4. Right before Ysuleah started to cross, hir ear rotated as she heard something in the tunnel they just emerged from. "Hello?" s/he called out.
  5. "Wow!" Ysuleah exclaimed as s/he gazed at the mountain before hir. S/he spotted the bridge near hir and decided to take it to the mountain.
  6. "Oof!" Ysuleah climbed onto hir feet and dusted hirself off. "Boy, I should really watch where I step". Ysuleah did a couple stretches before looking around. "Welp, I can't go back that way. Guess that leaves only one option" Ysuleah started making hir way through the tunnel.
  7. Ysuleah looked down the hall in wonderment. "Wow! Look at all these doors! Where should I even start!" "That one!" Ysuleah exclaimed, and then headed for the very hall itself, for some reason selecting the last one of the doors far in the distance. They ran happily.
  8. They were completely lost for a second, trying to decide what to do. Suddenly, they seem to grin out of nowhere, "Pffft! Who wants to play videogames anyway?! I'll let you guys play Portal 2 while I explore. I love exploring~" and they wander off. "Wait, do I?"
  9. "Wh-what? No, I mean't... other types of sushi. Y'know, the type of... a... different species and... people you don't know." Ysuleah said sheepishly "I could never eat a talking, sentient fish though. Beside one of us doesn't even like sushi" "But... we can't have 3 players in Portal 2. Maybe we should see what other games there are first. We could play warhammer if both of us agree..."
  10. "Mmmmm... Sushi~" s/he hums to themselves, smiling widely.
  11. "That I did!" s/he says excitedly "What should we play? Portal 2? Don't Starve Together? Garry's Mod?"
  12. "So like... are we gonna go something soo- Oh look! Video games!"
  13. The sight of all the spiders made Ysuleah feel tense but thought of something to make her forget her slight fear. "Heh if they were making pastries, I'd be convinced these guys can from the underground... Heh, yeah, probably not. What was I thinking...? Oh, their hats are quite adorable, though!", they grinned.
  14. "Eh... thanks but I think I'll attack someone when there's Cookie Time cookies lying around. Now those are good biscuits. That and iced animals" Ysuleah hummed at the thought.