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  1. @AzaleaGarden Hey, sorry for the very late reply. I did the thing where I make a huge resource for a game and then stop playing it, oops. I'm sorry but I have no experience with Chrome OS whatsoever! Hopefully by now you've managed to find something on your own. Good luck!
  2. Hello! I spent this afternoon writing what I hope is a fairly exhaustive guide for using the ESC Template. It includes pictures, step-by-steps, explanations, application suggestions, as well as workarounds/stop-gaps for Mac users! You can find it at this url: I wrote it pretty much all in one go and there are likely typos and errors due to my inexperience. If you see something you KNOW to be in error please let me know and I will try to update it as soon as I can. Additionally, I cannot offer support for errors or crashes. I mostly made this for my friends, who aren't quite as computer-experienced as I am and were intimidated by the existing guides, and just I thought it would be nice to share, especially since Mac modding support is severely lacking. I hope you find it useful!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These are Mac versions of Handsome Matt's mod tools, TEXCreator and TEXTool. All I have done to them is wrap them in Wine and added icons. They work on my machine, and hopefully they will work on yours. The wrapping process unfortunately makes the files very large (~400mb unzipped), so I have compressed and split the files to be able to make them available here. If you would rather make wrappers yourself instead of download them, the process is very easy. 1. Download and open Wineskin Winery as well as Matt's tools (above). 2. Create a new blank wrapper using the latest engine (I used WS9Wine1.9.21). For simplicity's sake, you can only run one file per wrapper, so name it TEXCreator or TEXTool depending on what you're after. 3. When prompted, say YES to installing Mono (which emulates the Microsoft.NET framework necessary to run the programs, and is why the files are so large) and NO to installing Gecko. 4. When done, open the resulting wrapper. You should get a dialogue that has an "Install Software" button on it. (If you don't, option-click on the wrapper, select "Show Package Contents," and click on 5. In the next dialogue, click "Move a Folder Inside," browse to the folder containing Matt's tools, and select it. 6. When prompted, pick the appropriate EXE for the wrapper you are creating. 7. Close all Wine dialogue buttons, and try opening your app. If all is well, the programs should run and behave the same way they do on Windows. I know very little about Wine and if you have problems, I cannot help you resolve them. I hope you find these programs useful!