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  1. you ever fall inlove with a character so good? this is it :'^)
  2. Some lines I'll update will be references to his experience over the course of his life and novel :'^) but this made me crack up! Thank you!
  3. Hello friends it's finally here! I made a Jose Rizal mod for Don't Starve Together. As of now, he's a clean slate but hopefully will release updates allowing him perks and tweaks here and there! You can subscribe to the mod here:… I'm not good with troubleshooting bugs weeps so hopefully it works for all of you quq
  4. Aaaaa nice to meet you too and welcome to the Klei forums! Thank you and I hope to update more to Jose as I go along the way quq
  5. UPDATE! I've been working on a mod of our national hero over the Philippines! i wanted to test out modding first before i make one for my characters aha but so far so good! hope people like it quq here's a close up of the art i did for the portrait!
  6. Thank you! I hope to develop Sindy further and maybe get her to connect with some OC's here. I've much much more to learn! oh gosh thank you ;; I can't think of any quirk other than eye popping //sighs// original I know but I think its kind of a comedic relief ;;;u;;
  7. Just recently actually ;;u;; so this is like their very baby steps somehow. I haven't even thought up a concise backstory, age, and the likes for Sindy. but maybe she'll be around 16 or so. Ariel is a very colorful character! <3
  8. your art is absolutely lovely! King of Science and HIM are really interesting characters ^^ hope to see more awesome art from you!
  9. Aaaa Thanks so much! I'll update frequently here about progress of the mod progress ;; but most likely will start once I'm free from commissions and school work orz Hello! Thank you so much ;;u;; I was battling over making her hair a jet black or brown-ish kind and realized I have too much ocs that have black hair color ;;; Did so and followed! Thank you <3 Thank you! I do hope I become quite active ;; planning to join some roleplays so I can have Sindy interact with other characters and atleast do small fanarts of them here and there. (I just winged the title orz I've been collecting too much Nightmare fuel and this came to mind) Thank you! not really a missing eye, but I haven't have the slightest explanation on how she can-- erm-- pluck her eye out. ;; it was out of an accident that she learned she can put it back like nothing happened. (the character in your drawing is really cute! May I know their name? ^^)
  10. just recently finished a ref sheet for Sindy Blyth. I'm planning to make her a character mod for DST. Hopefully have perks similar to Willow since she's a pyromaniac herself. Just knew of this forums the last day ;; do tell me if I did something that's not allowed here
  11. Hello! Mei || F || 18 || PH/US Stay for a chat! (ノ*゜▽゜*)ノ✧˖° I like to draw alot and laze around Don't Starve has been my favorite game ever since I played! Will be posting varied arts ranging from digital or traditional ranges. mostly art of my fan character Sindy Blyth or anyone's character I'll come across to I hope you enjoy your stay! twitch / instagram / deviantart / ART (Newest always at top)