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  1. DST don't update on Tencent platform, can you hasten them to update the game?
  2. is that ture? Why the website show that I don't have qualification to get gift.
  3. If I have the qualify to get DST skins gift, it will be send to my Steam account or send a CDkey to my e-mail
  4. btw can I get the DST skins gift instead of other Klei games?I'm a big DS fans
  5. I thoungt ONI will rise it price...so I bought one before update,but after it update the price down to 67%...It's really necessary to improve my English
  6. can you show some pics about new items
  7. when can I get cane skin on Tencent platform...
  8. Can I get Tragic Torch on TGP now?
  9. hello, I'm a Chinese player, I want ask what time will Tencent platform update to christmas version, and the date Tencent update is decide by Klei or Tencent,thank you.
  10. It seems that someone want rose collection