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  1. Maybe they are removing the Ancient Guardian altogether with this guy so you can resurrect it pretty much whenever and each time you do the fight will be different? I mean, he looks more like a minotaur than the ancient guardian does.
  2. Since it has the powers to cause seismic activity and whatnot and kind of lives underground I am pretty sure it is so badass it can detect footsteps and when someone is walking around n stuff. As for why it doesn't target the other things in the world, well, you are kind of the only alien element in that little "paradise".
  3. Yeah that is why PC has local co-op which was a very desired and asked for feature and the PS4 doesn't. Oh wait.
  4. If the desert storm doesn't turn into a snow storm during winter I will be INCREDIBLY disappointed.
  5. It is not a bug it is simply a Goose/Goose spawning place set piece.
  6. I played with a friend on a local only server and I built some hay walls, and then attacked them so they can be walked over. I could walk over them no problem but my friend who was the host could not. They were acting as if they were solid. When she made the walls herself and destroyed them she could walk over them and I could walk over them too but after we quit the server and started it up again she can't walk over them anymore while I can walk over any destroyed walls.