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  1. Should this work? AddPrefabPostInit("greenamulet", function(inst) if GetModConfigData("wilson_ezrecipe") > 0 and GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then local function onequip_green(inst, owner) if owner.prefab ~= "wilson" return end owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_body", "torso_amulets", "greenamulet") owner.components.builder.ingredientmod = TUNING.GREENAMULET_INGREDIENTMOD inst.onitembuild = function() inst.components.finiteuses:Use(1) end inst:ListenForEvent("consumeingredients", inst.onitembuild, owner) end end end) Oh, error, need add "then". I don't know why, but AddPrefabPostInit don't work. I use this code: if owner.prefab == "wilson" then owner.components.builder.ingredientmod = TUNING.WILSON_GREEN else owner.components.builder.ingredientmod = 1 end
  2. Hello! What I need? How I can prohibition equipping "greenamulet" for players who plays for Wilson?
  3. Error Need little fix for this: for k,v in pairs(start_items) do local item = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab(v) if item.components.fueled ~= nil and item.prefab == "winterhat" then item.components.fueled:SetPercent(.5) end player.components.inventory:GiveItem(item) end item.components.fueled:SetPercent:(.5) -> item.components.fueled:SetPercent(.5) ":" this not need =) Thx for help
  4. Hello! I wanted to ask your advice. Is it possible to do so that the starting item has a durability of 50%? This need for "winterhat". local OnPlayerSpawn = function(src, player) player.prev_OnNewSpawn = player.OnNewSpawn player.OnNewSpawn = function() local start_items = {} --for spring if GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.isspring or (GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.iswinter and GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.remainingdaysinseason < 3) then table.insert(start_items, "grass_umbrella") end --for summer if GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.issummer or (GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.isspring and GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.remainingdaysinseason < 3) then table.insert(start_items, "watermelonhat") end --for winter if GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.iswinter or (GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.isautumn and GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.remainingdaysinseason < 3) then for i = 1, 3 do table.insert(start_items, "cutgrass") end for i = 1, 2 do table.insert(start_items, "log") end table.insert(start_items, "winterhat") end for k,v in pairs(start_items) do local item = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab(v) player.components.inventory:GiveItem(item) end if player.prev_OnNewSpawn ~= nil then player:prev_OnNewSpawn() player.prev_OnNewSpawn = nil end end end local function ListenForPlayers(inst) if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then inst:ListenForEvent("ms_playerspawn", OnPlayerSpawn) end end AddPrefabPostInit("world", ListenForPlayers)
  5. Yes, I could only that. I can prohibit using as a target what can be destroyed with a hammer (spellcaster.lua) (line: 141-146): local function IsWorkAction(action) return action == ACTIONS.CHOP --or action == ACTIONS.DIG --or action == ACTIONS.HAMMER or action == ACTIONS.MINE end I just add "--" for ACTION.DIG and ACTION.HAMMER. It is working and people can't use tornado staff on structures and plants. But this is only a prohibition of the target, but the impact itself remains. If you use the tornado staff on a living creatures, then the buildings and plants are destroyed nearby.
  6. Oh, thanks, but I'm not good at it all. I decided to use this: function remove_staff_tornado(prefab) local rec = GLOBAL.AllRecipes[prefab] rec.level = GLOBAL.TECH.LOST rec.nounlock = true end remove_staff_tornado("staff_tornado")
  7. I already ended work with the "firestaff". I was also able to prohibit the use "staff_tornado" on buildings. But if you use "staff_tornado" on a living creature near to a building, it destroed. Is it possible to completely remove the impact on buildings for "staff_tornado"?
  8. Hello. I need your help with the function. I want to prohibit the use "firestaff" and "staff_tornado" if the target has a tag (ownershiptag). if target:HasTag(ownershiptag) and target:HasTag("structure") then end
  9. I want to give a golden ax in player's inventory when players respawn (start item). But only by that players who have administrator rights on the server. Can someone help me with this?
  10. I want my character to collect twig with sapling and grass twice as fast. And cut down the tree in half the time. This can be done?
  11. I've finished with walls =) Now mod not only improves walls HP, but also increases the resistance to hammer blows.
  12. Maybe you can help me with this? How to edit the effect for objects on the sanity of the character? I want to change the effects of items from the tab "magic": 1) Negative effect on sanity increased twice. (Fire Staff, Ice Staff, Telelocator Staff, One-man Band, Night Light, Night Armour, Dark Sword, Bat Bat). 2) The positive effect on sanity down twice. (Life Giving Amulet, Chilled Amulet, Nightmare Amulet, Belt of Hunger).
  13. It's a pity. I created a mod to increase the health of the walls. Then came another player and destroyed my wall with a hammer for 3 hits. And I understood, my mod useless.
  14. Hello! Is it possible to create mod, that only the owner of the walls be able to destroy walls with a hammer? And other players can only beat your walls with an ax or spear (other weapons).