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  1. Yes. That's me. I've updated them on the situation and provided a few more details. Please move this discussion to the wiki, there's no reason to do it here. Before I go, here are a few tips for anyone volunteering to help out: Do not attempt to communicate with the troll in any shape or form. Simply undo his vandalism and do not acknowledge him. If you do, you'll 'feed the troll' by essentially saying "you got my attention". Always revert his vandalism in silence. Do not acknowledge or refer to him in your edit summaries, either. He seems to be at least somewhat competent at editing wikis. If you're up for helping out, use Special:RecentChanges to keep an eye on everything. It's a list of all changes on the wiki, and it auto-refreshes every 20 seconds, so no need to constantly refresh it. This page is accessible to anyone, so keep in mind the vandal can also see it. From the same page above, keep an eye on the Upload log. If he uploads any image, it will show up there, and you can revert it by going to the file page. Make sure to click the 'revert' button next to the version you want the image to be reverted to. If you spot one of his images on an article that is otherwise normal, do not edit the article, go to the image's file page and revert the image instead. Be warned that almost all of his images are NSFW. Proceed at your discretion. If he renames a page, check the page history and make sure to rename it back to its original name without leaving a redircet behind. If it says that a page already exists under that name, then he left behind a redirect, which has to be deleted by an admin. In that case, simply rename the page to something else non-profane or offensive and remove its content. We'll take care of restoring things from there.