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  1. Hello Pearl from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : She Sells Sea Shells Hello Mush Gnome from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : Forgotten Knowledge
  2. Would loved to make something for my boi at this occasion but I suck at drawing, so, uhm. Thanks for being my favorite character and wish you a fantastic refresh when it arrives, Magic man.
  3. I've only looking into it myself and French websites , but the official changelog of the last one (that you can actually try in-game on snapshots) has an overview about all the changes :
  4. Ha well I understand that, I have many friends that have the same issue when they changed the combat system, I like the new one but however Mojang announced and released a couple of snapshot with a future possible new combat update, and the cooldown damage have been removed, instead it's a sort of bonus range cooldown so I guess it's a step forward to make everyone happy, maybe we'll see you around once the update is out but nobody know exactly which one, probably not 1.17
  5. When a Chinese Sans Undertale join your vanilla local only world
  6. I was planning to get an Axolot for my tank like the week before the Minecraft Live they announced everything, I'm still surprised by the coincidence cute animals
  7. So uhm, I've noticed a lot of forumites are playing Minecraft here, I don't know how many exactly so first of, let's get an idea with the poll up there. I'm making this thread cause I have a server from the last 3 years and I've recently stopped our last world cause my friends went back to school and have no more time to play MC. :') As they also play a lot of DST with me, wouldn't you like to have a sort of "unofficial Klei forums MC server" ? We could play together , it's something I've tried to do around for a moment now but I don't know what DST stuff we could do except mod events and I don't have so much time for that. So what do you think ? Should I make a server for all of us ? I have some experience on hosting multiplayer maps for MC, I've previously made a system so we can have a community world and a custom world for every players on the same server, so you can build whatever you feel like in your place or play with your friends. Edit : before you ask, the server would have to be vanilla on the last version
  8. Sorry there had to be someone to mention it buuut : I don't think we can confirm if the voices are cannon or nah but they ALL sounds really nice
  9. At least it's a fancy death... nice little storage room you got there btw
  10. I remember this happened to me as well a long time ago, so it should not be from DYM or maybe you had the fire trap setpiece triggered, but I'm certain you would have noticed it. ^^ it's the odds of the constant, I guess
  11. rtytkhput.png

                                        O v v O
                                     o v v o
                                         O v v O

    1. ADM


      (obviously made by Claire, like always :encouragement:)

    2. minespatch
  12. Lags and freezes are the worst, always Like, I don't know why but my PC like do make some random freezes on certain type of games that require massive concentration or fluidity like Brawlhalla / DBD, but also DST... I'm wondering why it always happen at the most important moments. If it happen during a hound wave, I know that I'll have a full second of me looking at my character, knowing I'll be attacked 12 times and probably see the middle of the death animation on the next frame when it's over, thanks PC, I really appreciate it ! So I'm always like this :
  13. 06D1B132-ADE0-40A7-82CC-31F17D33C414.jpeg.98153f39383c221febca591692dd15b5.jpeg

    Yo @GetNerfedOn, everything's good ? :wilson_confused:

    1. GetNerfedOn


      that gives me a chuckle every time i see it. pretty old tbh

      but irl tbh i do not feel that good, and you'll see why in Screenshot Showcase

    2. minespatch



      592533d0cf11a_Arielthoughtssinkingin.png.861ff0e6548c601302cd2422f56f0dcd.png-trapped in house for that-

  14. I've been thinking the entire day about a sort of Among Us mod for DST, this could really work out, but there's a question I can't figure out myself...

    How should we call this mod ?

    1. ADM


      I was thinking about including Together or Don't in the title, but maybe there's something funnier to do.

      In case you're wondering, there will be tasks as survivors to do like cooking a specific recipe, refuelling some things, crafting, fertilizing plants... the impostor will have some sabotage ability as well like placing spider nests in important rooms that you'll have to clear... I'm surprised how much the two games can be fun on the same gameplay

    2. minespatch


      "Dont backstab"?:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. Rico0
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  15. Aw, I was actually looking for you to post it.
  16. Thanks ! I was really starting to loose my mind when all my mods suddenly stopped working
  17. Finally found some time to re-watch Wigfrid short (as I was at Mac Donald's with loud kids the hole day ), cool animation... and I just noticed there's some cicadas singing at the start... I already miss those so bad plz Klei, add cicadas to DST
  18. Celestial Fuel extractor ? Or maybe a boat lighthouse... hmm... I'm assuming this will be important for the Crab King loot as I expected, so I hope it's the first option ^^