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  1. Most of it makes sense to me... but I do eat a lot of seafood and fish especially irl Cool quiz, thank you
  2. Also I forgot to mention how mods are doing...

    The Wolber mod is making progress on the art part,

    This is a spoiler for another funny mod : latest?cb=20200418191157,

    And yes, we still work on that epic thing I've told you last time on Wirlywings, it will just take longer that expected (as always ^^)


    1. minespatch


      What's the story behind the kittykit?

    2. ADM


      Maybe it have something to do with Wickerbottom... hmm.png

  3. I got questions for you guys, as I can't always keep myself busy with mods...

    (mostly cause of the waiting time to have assets once the code is finished)

    So I'd like to work on different things for the DST community during this unused free time that I don't spend on others games I'm very invested in such as Brawlhalla or Dead By Daylight but I still have long periods of inactivity and making progress on my pending projects (mods or irl) are blocked due to the Covid or busy friends

    I had a couple of ideas that sound more profitable for everyone so tell me what you'd think of monthly mod showcases topics and videos dedicated to the forums. Not mine but mods that I liked from the past weeks, mod updates and author requests if someone feels like asking me to talk about their mods. I doesn't like much the YouTube platform but since everyone is used to it I'll upload all that stuff on my channel but the main interaction should be on the forums and probably cross-post the topic on Reddit as there is a lot of nice people on it that aren't here... even tho I try my best to suggest them to come by every time ! :wilson_laugh:

    Aside to the mod showcases, I think I will post discussion videos when I have suggestion topics for you so you can read or just watch, yet I have 2 posts to work on and it will probably make me more committed with a video format than only text and edits, which will follow after anyway.

    That's all for today, please tell me what of you think of the mod showcase idea : advices, requests or how you feel about it !

    1. ShadowDuelist


      That sounds good, there currently aren't many up to date reviews on mods. Orange has been showcasing some funny social experiments on weird mods though, which is really great.

      Personally I'd be interested in maybe lore friendly mods, community chosen QOL mods, or original (and not "gamebreaking") modded characters (Womp styled).

      Maybe showcasing some gamebreaking mods sometimes too, but mostly for the lulz :yaypigs:

    2. minespatch


      Mod showcases, especially if the people who work on the mod can reply to you.

  4. Who's your DST main ? Maxwell Wi on P a n t s
  5. Oh boi, I can't wait to see Klei's Forums on 2022 !!
  6. Edit : Just to avoid confusion and prevent dozens of quote replies or a possible new drama about this change... (we don't need a lot to freakout around here, right ? ) I decided to make a topic / polls so you can give your feedback and personal ideas on it and other things about reactions and community reputation system as an extension :
  7. client_log.txt.mp4 Maybe I play with too many mods, some might not be compatible...
  8. Spoiler









    No, seriously. This is gonna be great but you can take a look at it if you want !






    1. minespatch


      Next he needs the Mario Cart Rainbow road music.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. GetNerfedOn


      Or the Star powerup jingle

  9. Wait, I'm finally working on something new ?? #POGGERS


    Yes guys ! And it's gonna be rock... moon rock !

    I won't tell you much for the moment cause Wolber is not the only project we're developing at the moment with some friends and August will be the beginning of something quite intense regarding Wirlywings, the Cherry Forest survivor... so for now, enjoy the leaks, the perks, and... oh - is that a roseate skin ?


    1. gaymime


      they are a cutie~

    2. ADM


      @minespatch nope. I just can't draw by myself :grin:, but lucky me, I have friends with great ideas and they sure are fantastic artists !

      Dungeon-Raided designed the first version of the character and roseate skin for fun but ClaireMya (who's always helping me for art in mods ^^) instantly suggested if we could make this a playable survivor when she saw it.


      Now we're all three on the mod and just can't wait to release it.

      BTW, If there's more players here who are looking to make mod characters, feel free to ask me, all I want in return is that it fits in the game artstyle, have original trails and please that I never have to draw anything or I'll completely ruin it lol :wilsondisapproving:

    3. minespatch




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  10. I you want a cave map with all exits together you can edit the worldgen files like I do instead of mods, I love that same setup with sinkhole hubs so I know what you have to do with this. It's nothing complicated, just go step by step : Look for the game files, not the one in Documents/Klei but in the steamapps/common folder, use the browse game files option in the game property on your Steam Library. Now I suggest you to make a shortcut in case you want to undo or edits more things and maybe copy the original scripts folder from : data\databundles\\scripts on your desktop In scripts, check inside the map folder, you will have everything related to worldgen in here ! If you're looking to edit a task (biome) properties, go in tasks and open the .lua file containing the task, for sinkholes (cave exits), it's caves.lua Your target here is "CaveExitTask", it's the one at the bottom. To change the placement of a task during worldgen, you need to edit the locks and keys_given. Locks are used to suggest which task must be generated next to another with the same keys. So, the best option in my experience with caves is to use LOCKS.TIER1, it's the center of the world so you will have your cave exits together along to the mud biome and often junctions to the rest of the caves in the back of each sinkholes. A lovely generation, I recommand it. We're done, your line 503 should look like this, no big deal and you have now a fancy cave system : locks={LOCKS.TIER1}, Some images with this worldgen : If you need help with future worldgen edits or ideas, don't hesitate to DM me.
  11. Your post have been removed, please refer to the rule 3.14159265359
  12. @Liontree997 Hey ! Sorry for the wait but I haven't noticed my thread got unarchived for some reason xD I will have to update some stuff like Cherry Gems So to farm those items, you will need a couple of things : A Cherryling Some seeds Food, like fruits, petals... Cherrylings have a 5% chance to drop a Cherry Gem when you give them some food as long they had seeds in their inventory, the seeds are consumed afterward, if you don't want to feed them one item by one cause it would take too long, I suggest you to do like me and create a nice zone next to your base with pink and white Cherry Trees, the white one will spawn some Cherrylings during dusk and night and you just have to drop the seeds, then cut the pink trees to loot many cherries and petals that they can eat to have a chance to drop gems ! Just so you know, I've planned some improvements on the method like adding a visual indicator if Cherrylings have seeds or not in their inventory, this will be added in one of the next update and we're slowly making progress on the other elements incoming, have fun with the mod @Bowensnow I think I've replied on the steam comments to your question last time but just to be sure, look at the crafting segment of the thread, everything with the seed and flowers is mentioned here
  13. This, is abolutely, amazing ! But will it spawn a new herd as well ?
  14. Dupe survivor for DST confirmed ?
  15. I don't know dude but they're the cutest thing I've ever seen
  16. It's been a while since I've used my face with meme formats but @Steamerclaw made that one today, I've just added the hat and some improvements over.
  17. "I've been doing nothing but this meme for three days."