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  1. This. But not only that, imo Klei should try to have more interactions with the community, live streams were good and missed but more can be achieved, so far it seems that their integrity with players have decreased lately. I know studios that simply just play to their games with the players and that's just so cool... or whatever they can think of, as long the two parts are having a good time. I'm a bit tired of rewards from there and there, just some more social integrity would do better than spoiling us with what we already have.
  2. Well thank you good sir but I believe we know our history books quite good and I cannot help but tell you that you can't rewrite history however tragic it was. Also I'd recommand you to pay attention to the said media before the assumptions turn into history in a few years.
  3. You guys wanted funny China update right ? year_of_tencent.mp4
  4. If anything happens to the workshop or ever see a launcher, I quit, I'm already not willing to just lunch the game at this time but this would be the last nail in the coffin for my own game experience for Klei.
  5. berxie.gif.827728b8d467e80be80ee9e86bd1a318.gif

    @ArubaroBeefalo there we are

    1. minespatch


      Are you going to make Willow a Chinese military skin next?:wilson_sneaky:

    2. ArubaroBeefalo


      That butt is hilarious:grin:

      Is so well done!

    3. Notecja


      Unfortunately I don't know any Willow players

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  6. I believe New Home has no gameplay... and no game, so that's probably one way to give it a purpose. (or ya know, a mod could do that, that'd be certainly fun...)
  7. Hey that's a pretty Year of the Beefalo Collection - Woven Elegant - Xi Bernie you got there ! :wilson_love:

    1. ADM
    2. ADM


      Should I go full drawing (face and all) or do what should I do ? hmm...


    3. ArubaroBeefalo


      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH this compensates the bad news, you make my day xD
      follow your heart, is looking very good
      i think i will start maining willow

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  8. I'm gonna be honest here (after having such a good laugh and pain... seriously all these messages omg) It’s surprising how you guys haven’t teased us anything good (for customers) out of this decision, really it's end of January, still no roadmap for DST even tho this is about Klei entirely... I expected you to gives us details on what this decision will allow you to do more than before except China gaming business and com, I don't think what you did was necessary if it was to achieve just that, but no, all I got is confusion and concern. I don't know how things will look in a few years and I don't know if I can still trust you like I did for 10 years approximately. Edit : this isn’t to brag, just remind that we are one of the most loyal community of all One thing I know is that this scenario happened to other companies and it really affected games/communities and their services, so nothing prove me (and I'm well aware it's difficult to do so) everything will be the same or go for the best aftermaths. That especially after what happened with the communication of New Home and little things left and right that keep accumulating... Klei can't be flawless but how am I supposed to be satisfied with this announcement with so few details, I don’t want to say you have no control on what you’re doing but I’d like some clarifications for the least, it's not like nobody was aware what gaming industry can leads and have access to. So please, I just want you to make sure you will remain the best game studio and hear our concerns, you can't do one without the other and I fear everyone is ready to demonstrate it. Also good night it's getting late... hope I can wake up with some good news shortly
  9. You should check out the new beta, it's amazing
  10. Ha yes. Return to monke
  11. Please Klei it it has been 5 years already...
    1. minespatch


      Have you thought about trying your mod with that Chinese mythology mod?

    2. ADM


      I personally don't think the two of them would go well together, I'm far behind the DST art style even if we try to improve from time to time, and this difference is even bigger if we compare CF to the Myth mod (cause it have like almost more HQ assets than Don't Starve sometimes), but I know some players who play with both and enjoy it.

    3. minespatch


      I only asked since cherry blossom trees would look pretty nice with that mod. Bet it'd be fun to see your character fly on those Son Wukong clouds.:wilson_ecstatic:

  12. These squids are so cute, that would be great to have an amphibious critter from the Rock Den like them
  13. Hey little question, do anyone here a have an area near your home with a good calm - natural atmosphere ?

    Tomorrow I'll try to record some sound loops outside in a forest but it's not far from the city and there's not a lot of wildlife but magpies so I don't expect to get something crazy...

    I'm looking to make dedicated sound ambiances in the Cherry Forest so if anyone is feeling like helping me on that thing by doing that same thing that'd be absolutely amazing !

    1. GetNerfedOn


      ohh real darn shame :/ there would have been a nice ambience of trees rustling in the wind here if it werent for the construction site noises close by :/

    2. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      idk how klei did it but you will also need Dusk/Night version

  14. Before RoT, "Them" was just the way shadow creatures and other nightmarish entities were named by Maxwell, I'm not a lore expert but I've understood a few things and I'm just guessing "Them" also applies to the celestial side of the board, the "brightmares" and they're returning a bit more every update to complete this new "chapter" of the game, there's a war booming down in the caves after you power the archive and that's where we are right now. Now we need for "them" to return a bit more and see what happens... er, basically. Edit : Btw maybe you'd like to take a look at this old theory I've made last year, some of the stuff here were wrong but it could leads you somewhere and understand a bit more what's happening between the two side of the game.
  15. wow, it's pretty damn lucky to have the Antlion so close to other biomes that you don't even need goggles
  16. Best you can do with Do Your Map in this case in increasing the Lightning Bluff (oasis biome) size by adding more rooms, however sometimes it looks a bit odd so I'll try to check what I can do to help you and update the mod if I find something useful here @Lord Cafe.
  17. Honestly, I think the chance of getting a treasure should be 100% once players have returned the broken Pearl. Why is that not a thing already ? If I'm not getting it wrong, Pearl have the feeling the Crab King smashed it and should probably move on, it's sad, but damn that would be really helpful, sorry Ma'am.
  18. I wouldn’t put the horn but maybe one that simulate the AG chest loots, could help for servers without caves to get lazy deserter and other good cave items. Also yeah I hate the actual loot tables, the best thing I can get in is the moon sapling and that’s quite sad. (Don't get me wrong, some of the tools are cool but there's a lot of things you don't want to come across)
  19. I like that the renewability of the horn match the number of time I had to kill the Fuelweaver. Just my preference.