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  1. I've only looking into it myself and French websites , but the official changelog of the last one (that you can actually try in-game on snapshots) has an overview about all the changes :
  2. I won't say it's an ambiance issue, but yeah I dislike the mob's AI. Especially when it comes to exploit it to make same mob wars or running to their death against catapults defended by statues, stuff like that. Anyway, the ambiance itself is correct, there's place for some improvements like always but it's not super necessary I think. Sounds are good, we have a different ambient soundtrack for day, dusk and night, but more on certain biomes (more turfs actually) than others, like swamp have such an unique atmosphere. Mobs (other than being stupid) make the game atmosphere quite good, most of them have taunt anims and things like "funny_idle" to offer a variety, more doesn't sounds like an important feature to the ambiance but it sure benefits to it, it's something I've worked on myself, again, I'm gonna showcase Cherry Forest cause I guess I've made a good enough job for the nature and mob ambiances, Cherrylings have personalities, it's not a completely finished feature but they have a dedicated idle/taunt animation, so each of them is supposedly different. This would not be too much work to make new anims, custom behaviours (like they did for Critters, kinda), I actually really enjoy working on that but I doubt this is a priority of the game atm or if it will ever be. So I guess yeaaah, the bigger lack we have rn is world environment ? Flora especially, like, flowers are all the same but just have a different texture instead of different plant properties, same for bush, sapling, glass, yes we have a sort of plant variety but it's just one at the time and alternative are rare, again, not a big priority in the game development I guess. But uh... I think we're getting a bit of everything each time so it's not too bad, really. I can actually remember how stupefied I've been when I noticed the Shell Beach Turf ambient sound with @gaymime, now I want to use it everywhere.
  3. Ha well I understand that, I have many friends that have the same issue when they changed the combat system, I like the new one but however Mojang announced and released a couple of snapshot with a future possible new combat update, and the cooldown damage have been removed, instead it's a sort of bonus range cooldown so I guess it's a step forward to make everyone happy, maybe we'll see you around once the update is out but nobody know exactly which one, probably not 1.17
  4. When a Chinese Sans Undertale join your vanilla local only world
  5. I was planning to get an Axolot for my tank like the week before the Minecraft Live they announced everything, I'm still surprised by the coincidence cute animals
  6. So uhm, I've noticed a lot of forumites are playing Minecraft here, I don't know how many exactly so first of, let's get an idea with the poll up there. I'm making this thread cause I have a server from the last 3 years and I've recently stopped our last world cause my friends went back to school and have no more time to play MC. :') As they also play a lot of DST with me, wouldn't you like to have a sort of "unofficial Klei forums MC server" ? We could play together , it's something I've tried to do around for a moment now but I don't know what DST stuff we could do except mod events and I don't have so much time for that. So what do you think ? Should I make a server for all of us ? I have some experience on hosting multiplayer maps for MC, I've previously made a system so we can have a community world and a custom world for every players on the same server, so you can build whatever you feel like in your place or play with your friends. Edit : before you ask, the server would have to be vanilla on the last version
  7. You mean these ? The one with the names have been removed from the game a long time ago now if I remind correctly But eventually, maybe you could use those images for the names :
  8. Hey everyone, just another bunch of ideas like I do for each RoT updates :o) I've added a pool on certain ideas to see what the community think of it. If you have feedbacks or more ideas on the concern of this update, feel free to make your topics or comment here. It's probably better to talk about this during the beta so we can help the devs fix or improve the new content. Enjoy the read. Let's start with the entrance of the Moon Shroom forest : Probably a controversial idea but I had this idea with @Terra B Welch and I'd like to know how everyone feel about it. The entrance biome of the Archive is the Moon Shroom forest, which is itself connected to the blue Mush Tree forest. Wouldn't you prefer having a dedicated entrance / exit on the Lunar Island ? This would give access to caves from another island and possibly a disconnected land on the caves, I guess some players could appreciate the idea especially if you like building base in caves or Lunar Island main base. You can use the pools to review the suggestion, I'm especially curious about your preference for this one. The only issue I'd see against the idea is the borders, the biomes connected around the Moon Shroom forest have fissure and Nightmare Rampart, which make shadow creature and Gestalt fight each other at the borders. but it could be easy to include them around the forest with background sinkhole or blue shroom forest biome around it. The Orchestrina : A very nice in-game puzzle, it's one of the main activity and purpose of the Archive for now (as the portal is not working yet). I think we could use a tiny improvement here. You see, I'm dumb, so when I tried to understand how the Distilled Knowledge item works, I first collected 8 of them and placed one on each tiny circle once I looked everywhere else around. So I looked at the script to understand what I was doing wrong... on, I had to place 1 on the center. I'm quite sure this situation could happen to other players so it could be neat to have a clue about what to do here. Something similar to Hamlet pressure plates in ruins. Hovering the center with the item should highlight the middle structure (with a temp entity with a trading action maybe ?) so you figure out the right thing to do. Btw I think there's an issue with the result, we're supposed to unlock 3 recipes from the 3 items you get from the different fountains but somehow I still not have it. (video in spoiler) Also it looks like there's some issues with the spawn of certain rooms in the archive... @bruhmoment23 got the crock pot setpiece within the Orchestrina room. o_o Fountain of Knowledge : Speaking of fountains, I think it could be useful to have a fail animation / fx or at least a quote from the character when we activate it while the Archive is unpowered (or disable the action while it's not truly working). I get that the structure needs something to work correctly but seeing an "Activate" action with absolutely nothing resulting seems off. Bulbous Lightbug : Cutest mob of the update (maybe not as cute than the naked molebats). They have some nice features, like, when you have one in your inventory, the others (3 max) will follow you like bats do, I really like the look of this light source ! However, wouldn't it be dope if we could use them as a direct upgraded Miner Hat / Lantern fuel ? We can already use living butterflies and fireflies as fuel so maybe using them alive could be twice effective than a simple lightbulb. Vitroasis : Truly beautiful, I just like to look at the waterfalls but they're also a source of Moon Glass... which is unfortunately not-renewable. Makes sense, the time necessary to regenerate glass from the flow would be tremendously long. (actually regrow eventually, thanks @Hornete) So I'll just keep them around cause of that to ornate the biome a bit but I also couldn't resist to check if we could fish in them as I'm a real fisherman haha. I don't know what I expected but it's not a fishing pond, sadly, I remember when I suggested adding Salmoon fish in the hot springs at the first update of RoT, now that we have moon-waterfalls I'm even more concerned with this, where are the Salmoons, Klei ? o_o Well, it's all I had to say for now, I really like this new content overall, I did not expect cave content but this is a very welcome one. A lot of things we've been waiting for finally arrived in the game, special mention for the craftable turf station !
  9. Sorry there had to be someone to mention it buuut : I don't think we can confirm if the voices are cannon or nah but they ALL sounds really nice
  10. Well I have to admit there's not that much mods about event themes out there, like Hallowed Nights or even Winter's Feast... It's something modders should maybe try to look into, not just mod about events, but standard mods that have special features during events. I'd like to do my part on the topic but unfortunately it's been two years since I tried to add seasonal skins on Cherrylings but you know... my own artistic limits ^^
  11. At least it's a fancy death... nice little storage room you got there btw
  12. This would be good yeah, maybe making it better at breaking thulecite statues would be a nice addition as well, there's always place for improvements, but removing things is never the best option
  13. I really like this item Imo it's a very underrated tool, maybe it could deserves an additional bonus but overall it's solid, cheap, and it takes you less slots. When I've finished with amulets, armors and staff, I use the rest of my thulecite on Pick/Axe and it really do be nice when I don't play a foraging character. I don't even think Moon Glass Axe outclassed the axe function of this tool with spice or not, I'm convinced 2 thulecite is cheaper than the equivalent of Moon Glass with the bad durability of this axe, the two are good, depending of you're expectations.
  14. I remember this happened to me as well a long time ago, so it should not be from DYM or maybe you had the fire trap setpiece triggered, but I'm certain you would have noticed it. ^^ it's the odds of the constant, I guess
  15. Remember Quick Drop ? Well this is a great example of a mod that doesn't change anything about the game base gameplay, and it has been added in the game last month during the QoL update. An amazing change. Mods like Show Me, or EES are very impactful, probably useful for newbies or to have a heavy non-vanilla world experience, but the game doesn't need more easiness with indicators and things like this, there's always a much better survival way to do it : - Global Position : compass & ocuvigil - Craft Pot : cook book (inspired by a mod btw) - Wormhole Indicator : try and see, use a moonlens after that. Sorry we all have an unique approch on the game but, we've been asking for such a long time for an adjusted and interesting game and the right difficulty, it's a very complex goal... so don't try to do the exact opposite with redstone automatism modpack threats or whatsoever.
  16. I remember an artwork from @minespatch representing a sort of reaper creature but extra spooky, I could imagine something like this being a sort of immortal guardian protecting an island or a restricted biome to collect important resources with the need of returning more than once at least. The game doesn't lack of scary mod I think, but it sure do miss some sort of constant threats (depending of the area) that some horror games included as a core mechanisms and it really do give an amazing atmosphere when something follow you in a building or else, survival games could only do better with this inspiration !
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      (obviously made by Claire, like always :encouragement:)

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      It's cute.

  18. A lot of these things sounds nice on paper but it's really not what the devs have to focus on, really. To me, and I think it's also what the majority have been requesting for now a long time, DST have to enhances some existing core elements while they keep on going the game story and lore, it's exactly what's going on right now, we have RoT them updates and QoL + characters reworks. Some of the oldest mechanisms of the game are getting very rusty, I think it's what the next quality of life update should be about, disease, or maybe improve Beefalo taming even tho I like it. On the other side, we've seen a lot of complains about the ocean and boats, it's slowly progressing and gaining interest with time, I'm happy with that, RoT is getting very existing. So I don't feel like we need more than game improvements and re-balancing.
  19. Lags and freezes are the worst, always Like, I don't know why but my PC like do make some random freezes on certain type of games that require massive concentration or fluidity like Brawlhalla / DBD, but also DST... I'm wondering why it always happen at the most important moments. If it happen during a hound wave, I know that I'll have a full second of me looking at my character, knowing I'll be attacked 12 times and probably see the middle of the death animation on the next frame when it's over, thanks PC, I really appreciate it ! So I'm always like this :
  20. 06D1B132-ADE0-40A7-82CC-31F17D33C414.jpeg.98153f39383c221febca591692dd15b5.jpeg

    Yo @GetNerfedOn, everything's good ? :wilson_confused:

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      that gives me a chuckle every time i see it. pretty old tbh

      but irl tbh i do not feel that good, and you'll see why in Screenshot Showcase

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      592533d0cf11a_Arielthoughtssinkingin.png.861ff0e6548c601302cd2422f56f0dcd.png-trapped in house for that-

  21. I've been working on a new Grifter and his campaign for a full week and I'm now wondering how could I make custom fight animations and possibly a unique build for the character, I've made some of the test anims on spriter but I'm now wondering if there's a sort of autocompiler like DST have, for now I found nothing so I'm guessing there's no mod tools implemented, but if someone has an idea or info it'll be great !
  22. I've been thinking the entire day about a sort of Among Us mod for DST, this could really work out, but there's a question I can't figure out myself...

    How should we call this mod ?

    1. ADM


      I was thinking about including Together or Don't in the title, but maybe there's something funnier to do.

      In case you're wondering, there will be tasks as survivors to do like cooking a specific recipe, refuelling some things, crafting, fertilizing plants... the impostor will have some sabotage ability as well like placing spider nests in important rooms that you'll have to clear... I'm surprised how much the two games can be fun on the same gameplay

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      "Dont backstab"?:wilson_ecstatic:

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      "Us starve"

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  23. Aw, I was actually looking for you to post it.