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  1. I got that kind of map... ONCE ! And it was on a test world when cave retrofit was not a thing so I could't play on it, thanks you for discovering a new one !
  2. It could, right ? I'm only talking about quality of life updates and before the development starts, so we can discuss, maybe vote then plan what could be better... sure it's a lot to ask for but that could avoid possible mistakes we often see during 1-2 weeks of beta testing once almost everything if finished
  3. Taking a break is fine, burnouts are inevitable to players and it's pretty much impossible for the dev do to anything about it. Play something else and return when you feel like it.
  4. Hm, yeah overall we get new content on new part of the world so most of the previous game aspects haven’t changed much, even QoL updates, however good they're all, are more about implementing technical features. We did get some cool feature tho, survivor's favorite foods, cook book... a lot of these but none is about increasing the game base difficulty, all are about difficulty for going further (which is something players asked for and I'm happy about this decision) it's very little but progress have been made. Special mention for the Nightmare and Celestial war we unlock after the Archive activation... Other than that, I don't think we have more to expect with RoT in regard of the player suggestions, Klei has probably enough to do with the planned story and roadmap. So the QoLs are probably the best candidates to do something with the redundancy topics : Disease, Beef Domestication, global re-balancing... Maybe we could be more helpful to improve the game if we had the major axes of these updates in advance
  5. During the first scene I expected the boat to explode but it appear there's dirt beneath so it's fine
  6. That was really fun, I usually don't draw myself but decided to give it a try this time and... I'm glad you gave us motivation cause I would never have made something like that before (like honestly, I'm always asking for help when it comes to art) I'm also impressed by the amount of artworks, some are pure gold and this community never ceases to impress me, so I hope some other community events pop up next year !
  7. Well, because we have hundreds of ideas to make disease something nice, something with much more deepness and to make basic plant farming more accessible, I'd hate the disease to disappear from the game, Klei really have to do that disease rework on a QoL
  8. Yeah that's the entire problem, I don't even want to use the plants I dig, some of them just get dug while you play from Bearger, asteroids, those plants get wasted if you don't want to build a farm cause of disease... nah I want to place a cute bush there and here just to ornate a bit sometime tho, but I can't cause I don't think it's fun to do that one thing every 5 hours. Or maybe I'll have to hire a Wes to renewal my plants ! or turn off the disease... but I'd like the default experience to be more interesting.
  9. Just need to be targeted by a mob and DF will "wake up" and start patrolling, it often happen after a hound try to attack. I'm not sure if it's a bug or indented, would be better if it happen all time imo
  10. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT ! I'm in love with the butterfly on Wendy, it's just such a great idea to have it as a tiny companion
  11. I like the combat system from the characters itself, we have a very large set of weapons, magic, tools and misc items that make it lovely and so unique, it's great for both PvE & PvP even tho the last one need a manual rebalance which is easily handled with mods. I'd like to recommand using a Beefalo in combat to anyone who haven't tried yet, it's super comfortable in late game, it can handle most of the boss fight such as Klaus, Dragonfly, all you need is practice, this will save you so much material you use for armors and weapon and replace it with Salt Lick ^^ So this is the part I like, the things I dislike instead is the mob combat and AI, some are okay, boss are good, but for example Shadow Duellist are frankly stupid, you can do some nice tricks with them but casual fighting with them is useless, I'm not going to explain how to make them better one more cause we've all repeated it billions of time and I'd be very sad if nothing is changed once Maxwell get his rework. I'd also like some of the other AI to get an actual sense of logic like pigs and bunnyman waiting for their death behind walls in shoutius/catapult farms or same mob wars, I've said it on other topic but I'd really like if they could just understand they cannot do anything if they're not in range from their attacker... not really a "combat system" thing but I hate it so bad... sorry. Other thing you mentioned that I dislike are traps, the combat one, I don't think the Tooth Trap or the Bee Mine are especially bad, the first one is nice to use your extra resources (I stopped using them but they do a pretty honest job), the other couldn't really get any sort of improvement, maybe stun mobs for longer or make them loose agro ? :think: no actually I think we could use a larger set of traps and the inspiration has no limit when it comes to survival traps, things that give temp debuff, like slowness, I've made a Honey Turf mod a long time ago and that sort of thing could be pretty useful in vanilla. Overall, it's nice, I just don't like mob behaviour in combat
  12. I think PvP players just need mods, and lucky for you there's hundred of them to balance your PvP servers. I played vanilla PvP a while ago with friends and I really liked it, this game has such spicy weapons and tools to make great combat mechanism against other players, only issue is the balance between them and again I don't think anything will be changed for PvP, just use mods.
  13. Some have been reported already but I got a couple of friends mentioning that they can't repair Marble Sculpture, Ancient Altars, and most of the other buildings.
  14. you're sure this is not a mod issue ? I used it today and it was still visible
  15. Okay well, I think we have enough players to make an interesting server so I'll start it this week probably, there will be a dedicated thread when it's up and add it to my signature, it will have a whitelist to avoid you know what, and the server IP will be on it with additional info
  16. thanks @bruhmoment23 for the meme idea
  17. Oh I don't mind it, I kinda dislike when I drop a trail of particles when I walk like the canes or the previous lanterns did so it's probably gonna be my second favorite lantern skin with the salt lamp and corrupted cane... but what I'd actually like with this one and the other is coloured light, plz
  18. It's like... the change I wanted the most without knowing it, thanks
  19. Hello Pearl from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : She Sells Sea Shells Hello Mush Gnome from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : Forgotten Knowledge
  20. Would loved to make something for my boi at this occasion but I suck at drawing, so, uhm. Thanks for being my favorite character and wish you a fantastic refresh when it arrives, Magic man.