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  1. Couldn't it be just mods ? If I look at the minimap the shape of biomes is super crude so I doubt it is vanilla generation. Might be wrong but since DST exist I never had a biome looking like a circle so perfect except by tweaking worldgen.
  2. After today's update all mods I've been using simply crash the game when I scroll over a mod recipe, or they don't but the icons of the crafts and ings are replaced or invisible.
  3. That is an issue I see repeated over and over and that's pretty right to me, I don't mind much the re-playability of it cause as long you think hard you can do other activities, but yes the main component of DST lately is a sort of boss tour adventure, there has to be more to be done from Klei, maybe once they'll be done with RoT story line, but world evolution (not dirrectly from player builds) is clearly a crucial lack by now I'm 100% with this, one of the most ambitious feature I've seen so far in the updates is how you can start the war between Shadow and Celestial things near the Archive Biome after activating it, that's what I want to see more, not just lore wise obviously. Things around the Constant need to be changed over time, or just periodically, more season things and important events. Sure it's a lot to ask for but once we'll have this around well maybe the "global burnout" (I'm clearly exaggerating but this is what I've noticed recently) will be done for.
  4. Hey again, I think there might a problem/bug that could require some investigating. Or maybe would there be something I can do ? I've been recently working on adding new worldgen settings with a mod and as it is getting compatibility with MiM, well I noticed the settings just vanish while MiM is enabled (and only if the other mod is added as compatible) : Enabled : : Disabled If that can be of any help, the settings are put in modservercreationmain, which is new to the current QoL update.
  5. Oh... I've never been into Youtube gaming channels so I did not get to know him but still I have friends who really enjoyed his content, that is a sad moment for all of us here. Wish the best to everyone in his family and friends.
  6. I can't really find myself anywhere because I mostly play because of when my friends are looking to do so. So it depends for each of them Rest of time I'm just here not really playing but modding/testing, that keeps me on the game the most. Then when I'm satisfied I can even go play a solo world. So yeah, lots of settings to just decide when to play or not but I'm sure sticking around.
  7. POV : You're a deadly boss and the player you're attacking start eating blue mushrooms
  8. Never been that happy to work with someone else on something everyone can enjoy, that really boosted me up lately so TYSM for all that !
  9. Same reason as why you could not just make it that way with Crab Kind I'd say, Malbatross is not really comparable to it but these fights exclusively "shine" from being ocean bosses, all the tactics used during that fight is about damaging / moving the boat and what's on it. That, by itself, limits your actions and make it different than basics fights somewhere else. If it was just on land, well, that would be a flying Deerclops basically, the cost of such techniques could be very optimised to just 3 immediate purple gems by teleporting it on the spot and having a second player doing the job, which isn't much, rest of what you needed for the teleportation can be useful for later so that would just be a quite cheap cheesing. Still we can admit the Malbatross loots aren't very important, but just having a boss with ways to counter its very main component is boring imo, and I do think the same of other bosses of the game that are so commonly cheesed.
  10. We got the idea of adding new graves epitaphs for the ones spawning in the biome :wilson_laugh::




    If anyone have funny ideas (however they are about the mod, the game or not), feel free to suggest us some good ones !

    1. Slagger


      It says "Wait, it's not cherry..."

    2. ShadowDuelist


      “Found the base though”

      ”Don’t mind me I’ll be quiet”

      ”... and you won’t BELIEVE what they found inside the grave”

      ”it’s but a scratch”

      ”So, I don’t like this game anymore, can I leave now?”

      ”Can you revive at portal?”

      ”But the YouTube guy told me to...”

    3. bruhmoment23


      "Who's Wirly? And why does she have wings?"

  11. Super dapper, I haven't used basic shaders much before but that just makes it more interesting to me then !
  12. One little question, would it be possible to load the characters directly on the Item Collection TAB (the one on the image here) ? Some would maybe not like it if that makes it load 1 million character so I wonder if you could consider the idea with a toggle configuration for this, great API anyway, I'm already using it now (I haven't really looked how the placement of characters is managed on this screen, maybe it is automatically sorted if new characters are added ? If not, the idea is probably not really worth it but... just a little suggestion then.) Edit : It also seems that we can't disable mods on the server mods list on servers if they are handled with MiM, is this intentional or necessary ?
  13. Meanwhile on the CF discord



    Just trying to find cherrylig irl. Ever seen one ?

    1. ADM


      A shame we can't edit updates, so uhm... warning : LOUD

  14. Well it seems there are translations in the game. I have no ideas if these are used on any circumstances, so maybe it's exclusive for consoles, can anybody confirm that ? I've looked at some for languages I understand like French and Spanish, translations are fine, nearly completed, some stuff from RoT is missing but I think it could be cool to actually integrate them in the game at some point if Klei completes all that. (Again, idk what are those for, I haven't done much researches)
  15. I'm apparently still having crashes from modded world options, tested from my attempts and Gem Core as well :
  16. Sweet, I hope it's the lasts of them now
  17. Would be cool, if that just means that Merms, Spiders and all the other folks (like Lobsters) had special animations based on friendship time left. For the rest of ideas I'd say, worth giving a try if that do be useful. There's plenty things that could be changed with followers, if some sort of experimental rework for followers could see the day. I would like some improvements with behaviours personally, like when pigs and such stop working because of a tiny distance between you and them (should be a bigger one while they work, that's what I talking about), removing the unnecessary run-away from the owner for some of the followers cause it just makes interactions difficult, and plenty other things. One thing that really bugs me is how heavy collisions are with some of the followers, could be cool if Chester had the same physic than critters for example, I've been blocked on important times just because of this guy. Could make an list of dozens of ideas but that's only the one most of players would like, there's also some nerfs I'd appreciate like same-mob wars being absurdly powerful for cheap but it's liked by lots of player, so just my controversial opinion here.
  18. grow.gif.97c7d8d3588432d95d2be2c2be2a1ed9.gifTired of lamps using lightbulbs ?

    What about lamps using water ?

    Water it, and pfew ! Light !

    Not only it grows !

    But you can also relocate it,

    Just dig and replant anywhere !

    Also, it's made of stone,

    Does this make any sense ?

    Yes, it will. It's lore, I assure you.




    Get it now for $0... or when CF gets it epic update. :wilson_goodjob:

    1. minespatch


      I'd love plantable lightbulbs. This is a needed addition, great work.

  19. As far as I know all the previous menus are still in the game, so it would be possible by the help of mods, or maybe a game feature.