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  1. Actually a single animation works for every characters but use tons and tons of layers existing in the game on a character standard pose I’ve tried once to make one and it’s freaking painful to accord everything rightly Here you go by the way
  2. Guess this "Wortox preview" stream is a good meme material.
  3. Not sure about that but maybe you can process a loop of a killsound just like this inst.SoundEmitter:KillSound("character/character/step")
  4. Welp no matter, I finder out something useful and it worked, thanks anyway if someone tried a solution local cx, cy, cz = map:GetTileCenterPoint(x, 0, z) inst.Physics:Teleport(cx, 0, cz)
  5. inst.foleysound = "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/step" I guess this should works pretty fine
  6. Hi, well, to make an animation to any item or pretty much anything else you need to use spriter, which is a free tool in the don't starve mod tools pack You can download the tools on steam at your library in tool category. Next when you have spriter installed, create an "exported" folder in your main mod folder and a second one with the name of your item, Let's say it's called "candiedwings" : Put the item image in it and then, create a file "candiedwings.scml" in the same folder and open the scml file with spriter Here is the .exe of spriter (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\Spriter) Just before the fun part begins, you have to load the folders/images for your spriter file, it's simple : File > New Project > "OK" Select the candiedwings folder in exported. Which result in this : You'll see it's easy to use, grab your image item on the top right and place its middle-bottom part at the center of the screen When this is done, click on the image and you will see a red doot, place it at the middle-bottom again, this is for making the right position of the item on don't starve to avoid missing up with the camera Almost finished, you have to rename your animation and build, just on the right, rename the entity_000 with your prefab name, "candiedwings" i guess, and for the NewAnimation, most of the item animations of the game are called "idle" That's what your have now : Okay it's over, you can save your animation : File > Save Project as > call it "candiedwings.scml" and save Now the animation part is over, you just have to go in your prefab lua file to make it use the right animation --add the assets on the top local assets = { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), --I don't know if you have also create the inventory images into the image folder but you have to add it here too } --this is for the fn part inst.AnimState:SetBank("candiedwings") inst.AnimState:SetBuild("candiedwings") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle") Well, you have nothing else to do BUT you still have to convert your scml file into actual game files. If you have succesfully installed the mod tool, you should have a command prompt screen when you start the game, it's the autocompiler who convert the .png and .scml for you. just wait it finish and now you have everything done. Ask me for more details
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently struggling to find a solution to my problem : The title I don't think there is a way to directly spawn something at the center of a tile on the world gen (if it is well it'll be awesome) So I at least try to make a function for the prefab to teleport it to its current tile center I've tried and my result is somehow... Yeah Wilson, you're right. Also, I don't want to use layout/static_layout for the spawn of those for reasonable reasons Thanks a lot for the help... I mean, I can't find this my myself ^^ Just a quick reminder if it help, the worldgen spawn only a single prefab for each tile so that's why I need to teleport the prefab to its own tile
  8. Sup. I'm making a new mod including a character and I'm trying to make him teleport in the caves (like to the florid postern?) when it die. After lot of attempts I only had server disconnections cause something gone wrongs, the only lead I've experimented on is the "ms_playerdespawnandmigrate" event triggered on my own but still can't find a correct way to use it... or I'm just to bad at this ^^ So, if anyone know a trick to make this feature works, it'll be so helpfull for the progression of that mod, it's been hours since I've tried to make that ._. (if you need any precision, I'm here to help too, my thanks!)
  9. This is a very little bug but I think the food penalty apply on Warly... But he don't tell anything ?
  10. Yep, i've got the same bug, and the shopkeeper just run forward... Like if the desk is behind the walls or something...
  11. Welp the title said all, there's a crash when the Topiary get destroyed, the cause is just than the lootdropper component is wrote as a comment : --inst:AddComponent("lootdropper") But the function onhammered ask to do the loot. So yeah I think this just because the loots are not being chosen yet but no matter the crash still in game Enjoy your day Klei, I love Hamlet
  12. Hello I encountered a problem on a mod yesterday. The mod is a playable character mod but it also adds a plate to the crock pot, the problem is that it is invisible once the plate has finished cooking, while I can see it on the ground ... I using spitter for the build. I look at all the other helps of the forums but none seems to work and fix the problem in the current situation. Is there anyone who has an idea to solve this problem? Here is the mod, as far as it can help you. Thank for everything you can do. adm the batman.7z
  13. Hello, I found a glitch yesterday. I'm not sure you know its existence because I think that it must be absolutely fixed. There is huge ... Here's the problem: - Craft Scaled flooring with > 1 < scales * You get > 6 < scaled flooring - Craft the deconstruction staff - Use the deconstruction staff one time or more on your scaled flooring * You get > 6 < scales ! ! ! I think it should simply not be possible to uncraft the scalled floring unless they stack by 6.