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  1. I wanted to make Cherry Spiders at some point but I couldn’t do them myself, excellent design ! the other mob looks amazing as well, what are you thinking about for those creatures ?
  2. I'm very bad at teaching things but there's many guides and tutoriald to start here, look at the pinned topics on the mod sub-forums. But sure I can help you if you have specific requests even if I'm not very talented in the modding domain. I'm always looking for that kind of stuff, thanks ! We'll be making more mobs once the cherry trees are updated
  3. Even when my files are under 2MB I have an error "-200" and just can't upload it Guess I have to go way below
  4. Oh well this is definitively better than everything I could do in a day ^^ I like it since you used the original model but I'm fine and encourage others models or shapes since I'll remake the full trees anim anyway. I also forgot to mention that I'd like to give the trees various builds with the seasons cause it's quite weird to have flowers at all seasons ikr Ha yes I guess it could help ! It seems that the forums upload size changed so I've uploaded them on the Discord group or you can find them on imgur for the images : And mediafire for the animation files :
  5. Hi everyone, today is not the mod birthday or what but Cherry Forest is like 2 year old now and I've only realised it today... It's still a mod in development even if there's nothing new from a long time and I'll explain here why and... why I'm looking for help, especially. The last major updates of Cherry Forest started with the Return of Them beta from June to August with nice additions every weeks such as the Hide & Cherries minigame and much more like the trees grow states and petals raining everywhere. At this point, the mod finally looked good to ClaireMya and I with its unique features to be something very enjoyable to play with that gives a second wind to the game exploration and new entertaining attributes to play longer without distracting you from what the original game have to offers. At the same time, Claire did her best to remake most of the mod arts, this was definitively needed and requested by lot of players cause I've first released the mod with my assets and anyone who played with the mod at this time knows how bad of an artist I am. So we changed everything from the Cherrylings to the crockpot foods, including every single items of the mod to make them looks what we think is nice. But there are things that we never changed, like the Cherry Trees. Yes, the grow stages have been added later but they're using the same assets than the tall ones that I've made and you just have to look at them to figure they're not... It's not Don't Starve : I'd love to change those trees to have what you'd like to see when you play this game, unfortunately, Claire don't have that much time to help on Don't Starve mods cause of many other requests and events left and right, and I will never be capable of doing any better than this. We still really like Cherry Forest but we don't want it to be a tiresome job to make it better, there's also more than the trees to edit, like the turfs and surprise contents that is not included in the mod yet, keep in mind that I'd love to update the mod more often if I could, but at this point, it was very likely for the mod to have no more content if there wasn't this thread. So that's why I'm here today looking for players that like the mod, artists in seek of Don't Starve artworks to do, or inspired coders. If anybody on the forums (cause I know some of you but I'm so shy that I'll never bother someone but make a public request in case you're looking to help) is interested you can use this space to share your enthusiasm to join the Cherry Forest team if you want to help us to improve it ! Show us some Cherry Tree designs or something you'd want to see in the mod, we'd get from improvements of what is already here first but then think about future content, maybe yours. I've also made a Discord group (not a server yet) in case you want to share content massively or chat quickly.
  6. I think this is the first time I laugh that hard on this meme, quite happy it's with a Don't Starve meme as well !
  7. New gem ? o_o New staff ? New amulet ? NEW MOONLENS ?
  8. Okay Klei, this have to be a weavable loading screen vignette ! Edit : WAIT, IT IS ! You'll have it if you connect to the game
  9. Damnit, Wilson ! Don't you know this is a non-renewable resource ?
  10. Mods are gone, post actual crab memes
  11. Y'all making fun of Wendy's forehead, but you know who's next, don't you ? Available April 16th
  12. I just love the fish bones on the Moon Island, I always wondered since the update why there is no fish inside Hot Springs to introduce those to the game, I even have the perfect name for them : The Salmoon
  13. (Only for the meme, I'm a very patient guy otherwise.)
  14. Welcome to the forums, @Autumnsbeast ! Just saying but any content you wanna post here should be in English if you want peoples to understand them easily, it's better to stick to something "everyone" is into, I'm French myself so do as I do : check if there is a Discord Spanish DST server.