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  1. 8 minutes ago, Clifford W. said:

    Fireflies have shader on them and if you have a lot of them it can kill the FPS but that's klei decision to put it in the game or not

    You have option to disable the shaders they have so it's okay, and I don't remind having a clearly noticeable FPS drop even on locations with tons of shaders on like gold nuggets after mass trading with Pig King, looks like it's fairly harmless.

    But on topic, yeah, the more option we have the better.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

    i think it is to gather moon juice to make moon magic. A sticky white fluid like we have the black one from the shadows to make ancient magic

    Thing is, the Celestial Altars are directly pumping the fuel from the moon ground to put it into objects (moon shard), unlike Nightmare fuel as the ruin altars aren't plug to anything apparently and so players have to insert the fuel manually within the objects (thulecite, gems) to get it to work. So gathering the moon juice would not do a lot of changes. Well, that's how I picture it at least.

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  3. I just make sure my ruins will be as big as they can from edited world gen, there's mods to do it so I would recommand you to not try risky gambles with default ruins generation or worldgen in general especially if you plan to play for a long time, better to have near all the odds on your side so you can have fun.
    Since I've been doing that I never got bad ruins, well except that one time they were completely empty but that's another story (and yet I don't think this bug is fixed cause I got something similar with archives recently)

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  4. I sadly have no sympathy for the fighter type when it comes to characters like Wigfrid and Wolfgang, I'm not interested into bigger damages or armor, what would actually interest me is characters that have unique fight moves, that's what I wished Klei would dig in for Wigfrid rework.

    I'd be interested into somebody like Walter that can use a Slingshot more than someone that hits harder or tank more with sanity interactions in-between because characters build only around stat-affecting perks (hello, Wolfgang) are bland imo.

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  5. I'm really annoyed of sketch loots on boss, sculptures are nice but after the first one it's just filling your inventory, so if tree guards (that I cannot consider a boss just because they have an "epic" tag, it means nothing much) drop a damn sketch every time you kill one, I'll be kinda mad.

    I know it's not the main topic but I see a lot of players looking for sculptures of all "epic" mobs, it's a bit saddening.

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  6. It's because being under a tree protect slightly against weather, so rain and heat for summer, your character is supposed to mention something about this when you walk by it (when it's raining/too hot), but there's a cooldown during which you won't repeat it, so, it was both useful and esthetic to display (by darkening the character) that you're under a shelter while your character don't mention it.

    Well at least I hope that was the answer you were looking for. :)

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  7. It looks pretty normal to me, but the game itself is always subject to have different brightness and colouring because of seasons, sanity level and probably some other settings I don't know about. But so far you probably just need to pick some flowers and eat some cooked green caps, maybe it will help ^^

  8. Hey again, I think there might a problem/bug that could require some investigating. Or maybe would there be something I can do ?
    I've been recently working on adding new worldgen settings with a mod and as it is getting compatibility with MiM, well I noticed the settings just vanish while MiM is enabled (and only if the other mod is added as compatible) :

    Enabled :

    : Disabled


    If that can be of any help, the settings are put in modservercreationmain, which is new to the current QoL update.