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  1. 2 hours ago, Rylanor said:


    That is such a wonderful idea, not only I just love the idea of having platforms that aren't affected by wave physic (that I'm kinda worried about with the new biome and gators spawning/sinking...) and possibly a bunch of shenanigans boats would have on the way, but that would also be a great to have some different shapes and eventually have these with a slight elevation to start implementing such things in the game. Doesn't seems to be part of your concept but gosh that would be sick.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Ohan said:

    I only accidentally discovered this once and didnt test further. Has anyone else experienced this or was i imagining things? 

    As far I tried, vines can respawn but only from the giant trunks (the big worldgen ones) if you hit them with your boat under the condition there is not enough vines around (burnt or just too few of them), so yeah it's always within the biome in any case it seems :(

    5 hours ago, Ohan said:

    Also the first world i generated on the beta branch had a big lake in the middle of the Swamp biome which would be awesome for the knobbly trees. Has anyone else encountered stuff like this? Did world gen get changed? 

    I think it's safe to assume worldgen haven't been touched for the land biomes, there always was nice unexpected random-sized water holes within biomes, it's between uncommon and rare depend of how useful you expect them to generate but never really looked into their odd of generating and reason to be here, the cool thing is that they'll finally be a little more useful than before !

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Hornete said:

    I believe they drop from the tree when you ram into them with your boat, or when theyre struck with lightning. They do little "earthquakes" (treequakes?) when that happens.

    Oh alright, so I just did some further testing as the first time I tried I was only getting twigs, but it seems that they do drop nuts but in absolutely random places, like for real I got one in the void after it spawned :


  4. I see some nice potent to the gators, if you teleport them they won't try to return to their biome by just sinking which seems to be nicely exploitable to make twigs farming better than with twiggy trees as they spawn them quite frequently, that would require further testing but that seems to be the top of their ability, using them as fighting seems to be as useful as making any other large creature involved into fights so doesn't look any more useful than the other things we have in the game, but the good thing is that they respawn anyway so that can be a easy source of leafy meat I guess ?

    17 minutes ago, Frosty_Mentos said:

    Overall, the swampy tropical theme just doesn't work with the rest of the game. Moon stuff is alien and appeared outa nowhere and that's fine, but with how small the ocean map is that whole biome feels just off-putting small and boring. They don't fit in all that well imo. Unless the rest of the ocean is going to be vegetated to fit the swampy and mesh with the cold rockiness of the rest of the ocean I don't think I can like this new thing. I know sea weeds exist and they were kinda weird but fitted to the rocky surfaces they grew but this one's a bit of an overkill.

    To me the biome is okay, there's already Sea Weed micro biomes out of nowhere and that was fine so we just get even more small environments with plants and stuff, it's gonna feel really fill in the end so that's probably what players wished back then during RoT, we just don't know what the planned biomes are going to be.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

    pretty sure it's not

    This has been quoted probably over 200 times but I'm finally being involved to the count :

    On 6/24/2021 at 6:39 PM, Jason said:

    What's Next?
    The team is continuing to do some work on content and changes before heading into a new content arc. One of our designers describes the next update as "A new biome that pops up in a couple places on the ocean. It's sort of chill... there are some water spiders." So, there's that. Which is nice. We'll have more details as we get closer to the next update. Have fun out there! 

    To me it's pretty safe to assume RoT is finished given they already announced they're now working on content and changes updates (aka ocean stuff, QoL possibly ?) than actual liberalised RoT things as they were saying on the update posts before the Eye of the Storm. Plus it would be kinda fast to mention a new arc without finishing the first.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, minespatch said:

    Amd's been posting the process but not the Queen. Looking great! She looks adorable with the petal ruffles.

    Notka just finished the arts last night, I was planning showing some of it in the week but mostly the in-game new actions she got :razz:

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  7. 2 hours ago, Szczuku said:

    And so I am disappointed that the crows only talk about the cawnival itself. Not only do their quotes get repetitive quick, since there are like 8 of them after the tree is finished, but they don't bring anything interesting to the table.

    Yes please. I just hope next year the kids and Corvus get much more dialogues, it's saddening that you often have the same quote multiple times on the screen at once when you barely have a bunch of crow kids, feels quite uninspired but this wasn't in the top priorities of the event I assume.

    But uh, more on topic I think as RoT is over, the Constant's lore we'll get by now is not until important storyline character's refresh or the next update chapter given there is one (probably, right ?)

    Also I was thinking you were mentioning the Rock Lobsters before I see Pearl... :dejection: these bad boys are surely super ancient and have seen lots of things going under here, too bad they don't talk.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Dextops said:

    whats the hat skin on top of wurts head i need that i've been looking for a hat like that


    It's one of the skins for Walter's hat, so you'll have to pick him to get some for the others, looks pretty in general, they're only Distinguished rarity so you can have it for quite cheap.

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  9. I don’t have this problem with Moon Glass being very limited in uses as I use that mod I've made to add more tools to it : just a shovel, oick/hammer and a pitchfork being all just stronger but fragile, like, logic amelioration for faster gameplay. With only that, I changed all of my inv tools to Moon Glass near permanently and just walk around with the orb in Chester and a stack of Moon Glass on myself, think I did the Celestial Champion like 6 times on the world I play on and so far I still need to get more moonglass to get enough to compense tool's cost :???: so, that’s really just that... if there was normal items that we commonly craft to get a straight up upgrade, it would solve the hole problem to it. Tools are one of the way to go for, but there could be more.