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  1. I've never been a big builder or anything but I've decided to try and make an effort on this server, and today I've finished this HUGE Klei Logo
    (well just the K actually)



    It's just over the spawn lobby, with two beacons... well the lobby is starting to look like something with time, next week I'm looking to make a Willow's statue, I've already made it on the Flat World, now it's a different story to make it on the survival, of course there will be improvements on the 3D and pose certainly. It's inspired by this emote on the forums :willow:


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  2. It appear I've made a mod (DYM) for this exact reason. I'm looking to play for a very long time on a same world, however it's multiplayer or singleplayer, the map sometimes feels empty, regarding setpieces, or even ressource generation and biome placement. Try the mod if you don't mind extra not-very-vanilla worldgen settings. However, the best option would be if the game get improvements by itself on a future update. I think proper rivers and diversified shapes of biomes would do a great addition, and for what I've tried with the current worldgen (not used) settings, it can get real fancy. :)

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  3. That would be real nice, I was hoping Klei consider adding more plants with this agriculture system after this update, not just veggies and fruits like we got for Warly's arrival (appreciated tho), but weeds, flowers... there's a lot of potential if some of the updates content include a plant, or any resource you can cultivate, all it needs is a different growing progress eventually so it can be more unique.

    Let's think of it, Moon phases could be a nice idea, but difference places between caves / surface too (or moon island and biomes, specificity)... maybe keep those for future plant ideas.

    Now for Mandrakes : they like to do that (annoying or cute depending of players) song when they follow someone, why not imagine something like make the usage of the One Man's Band a requirement to grow the plant, or it will lock in place or die (from boredom ?), or take other mandrakes out to support (by countless and endless screaming) their growing friends. That just sounds fun ! :)

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  4. That's kinda sad that Mojang doesn't give a free MC Java account to Bedrock's owner, that's what they did for the Win10 edition back then, so far the Bedrock edition is the top sell edition but it have big limitations compared to the Java platform so I don't get how it got so popular, but it's mostly cause of mobile players I think. Hope you have the ability to join us one day :wilson_love:

  5. 24 minutes ago, stranger again said:

    but they only said one concept tho 

    I should have be more clear, but I was saying I wouldn't mind if the sprinkler had to be fuelled with water like OP suggest, or basic fuel like Hamlet's sprinkler... but yeah thulecite tier upgrade's a good idea too, the ancients certainly had some epic gardening stuff

  6. 9 minutes ago, TheHollowKnight said:

    So theres player created worlds, and you have to ask them to use a command for them to build/play on your world?

    Exactly, the custom world owners will unlock a new page in the server's book, you can configure the whitelist there.

    10 minutes ago, TheHollowKnight said:

    And theres 1 superflat creative world where everyone can join? And a public survival world as well?

    Yeah ! When you open the server's book, you have a first page for public community world with the survival & flat world, and a second one for player world.

    12 minutes ago, TheHollowKnight said:

    And im assuming everyone here wont grief or be rude.

    Well, if anybody do that sort of thing it will be an instant ban. :distracted: This is also why I've enabled the whitelist.

    Added you to the whitelist as well :)

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