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  1. I've been thinking the entire day about a sort of Among Us mod for DST, this could really work out, but there's a question I can't figure out myself...

    How should we call this mod ?

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    2. ADM


      I was thinking about including Together or Don't in the title, but maybe there's something funnier to do.

      In case you're wondering, there will be tasks as survivors to do like cooking a specific recipe, refuelling some things, crafting, fertilizing plants... the impostor will have some sabotage ability as well like placing spider nests in important rooms that you'll have to clear... I'm surprised how much the two games can be fun on the same gameplay

    3. minespatch


      "Dont backstab"?:wilson_ecstatic:

    4. Rico0


      "Us starve"

  2. Wait, I'm finally working on something new ?? #POGGERS


    Yes guys ! And it's gonna be rock... moon rock !

    I won't tell you much for the moment cause Wolber is not the only project we're developing at the moment with some friends and August will be the beginning of something quite intense regarding Wirlywings, the Cherry Forest survivor... so for now, enjoy the leaks, the perks, and... oh - is that a roseate skin ?


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    2. gaymime


      they are a cutie~

    3. ADM


      @minespatch nope. I just can't draw by myself :grin:, but lucky me, I have friends with great ideas and they sure are fantastic artists !

      Dungeon-Raided designed the first version of the character and roseate skin for fun but ClaireMya (who's always helping me for art in mods ^^) instantly suggested if we could make this a playable survivor when she saw it.


      Now we're all three on the mod and just can't wait to release it.

      BTW, If there's more players here who are looking to make mod characters, feel free to ask me, all I want in return is that it fits in the game artstyle, have original trails and please that I never have to draw anything or I'll completely ruin it lol :wilsondisapproving:

    4. minespatch




  3. Also added the Cherry Moonlens cause I figured it was missing (and crashing the game if you tried to place the gem :o) )


    So after that I was wondering if I could add something like the Ocuvigil or Moondial, I got some sort of ideas with friends to make a "Mob pacifier", so far this is what I've managed to make :



    The gem seems to be too small so I'll probably rework it, don't mind the clumsy animations as well, I was just trying to assemble it :lol:

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    2. -Variant


      Gorgeous art.

    3. ADM


      Ha thanks ! I was actually unsatisfied about the moonrocky texture but I really had no idea how I could do any better than that after looking at other moon rock buildings in the game. I'm not much of a drawer but I have the feeling I started improving lately.

    4. -Variant


      You absolutely have, without a doubt.
      I think the texture looks fine, moonrock is one of the weirder textures to pull off anyways...

  4. So, I think that looks pretty interesting !

    1. -Variant


      OH! I love it! Love, love, love it!

    2. minespatch


      What is that character?

    3. ADM


      @minespatch Wirlywings from the same mod, it's just the Halloween costume skin I've made during the event :)

  5. Spoiler









    No, seriously. This is gonna be great but you can take a look at it if you want !






    1. minespatch


      Next he needs the Mario Cart Rainbow road music.:wilson_ecstatic:

    2. GetNerfedOn


      Or the Star powerup jingle

  6. unknown-6.png

    Claire found this screenshot of an old mod we started last year or before, I can't really recall... might consider return on it :wilson_curious:, y'all want some opossum in the game or nah ?

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      It's a nice idea.

    2. minespatch


      What makes the opossum different to real world possum in your mod?

  7. C1CAE017-8117-457B-A891-A1D131EA5220.gif.2430ea8dcde58f96079f6cba86fed579.gifD1DB627D-6771-45B8-97FC-7064B25F22AF.gif.ca1a93a997c7d4e6d3e4a14e6fa60c49.gif

    I'm reworking some of the old features of CF these days and I've recently added custom animations to the Butterdragons instead or the Butterfly one I was using. What do you think of it ? Should I change something with the assets as well ?

    I also changed a lot their behaviour, catching them will be hardcore as hell and rewarding

    1. GetNerfedOn


      a d o r a b l e


      the way they just stare at me is just

    2. minespatch


      Pretty cute, the animation is subtle.

  8. 06D1B132-ADE0-40A7-82CC-31F17D33C414.jpeg.98153f39383c221febca591692dd15b5.jpeg

    Yo @GetNerfedOn, everything's good ? :wilson_confused:

    1. GetNerfedOn


      that gives me a chuckle every time i see it. pretty old tbh

      but irl tbh i do not feel that good, and you'll see why in Screenshot Showcase

    2. minespatch



      592533d0cf11a_Arielthoughtssinkingin.png.861ff0e6548c601302cd2422f56f0dcd.png-trapped in house for that-

  9. rtytkhput.png

                                        O v v O
                                     o v v o
                                         O v v O

    1. ADM


      (obviously made by Claire, like always :encouragement:)

    2. minespatch


      It's cute.

  10. I got questions for you guys, as I can't always keep myself busy with mods...

    (mostly cause of the waiting time to have assets once the code is finished)

    So I'd like to work on different things for the DST community during this unused free time that I don't spend on others games I'm very invested in such as Brawlhalla or Dead By Daylight but I still have long periods of inactivity and making progress on my pending projects (mods or irl) are blocked due to the Covid or busy friends

    I had a couple of ideas that sound more profitable for everyone so tell me what you'd think of monthly mod showcases topics and videos dedicated to the forums. Not mine but mods that I liked from the past weeks, mod updates and author requests if someone feels like asking me to talk about their mods. I doesn't like much the YouTube platform but since everyone is used to it I'll upload all that stuff on my channel but the main interaction should be on the forums and probably cross-post the topic on Reddit as there is a lot of nice people on it that aren't here... even tho I try my best to suggest them to come by every time ! :wilson_laugh:

    Aside to the mod showcases, I think I will post discussion videos when I have suggestion topics for you so you can read or just watch, yet I have 2 posts to work on and it will probably make me more committed with a video format than only text and edits, which will follow after anyway.

    That's all for today, please tell me what of you think of the mod showcase idea : advices, requests or how you feel about it !

    1. ShadowDuelist


      That sounds good, there currently aren't many up to date reviews on mods. Orange has been showcasing some funny social experiments on weird mods though, which is really great.

      Personally I'd be interested in maybe lore friendly mods, community chosen QOL mods, or original (and not "gamebreaking") modded characters (Womp styled).

      Maybe showcasing some gamebreaking mods sometimes too, but mostly for the lulz :yaypigs:

    2. minespatch


      Mod showcases, especially if the people who work on the mod can reply to you.

  11. Also I forgot to mention how mods are doing...

    The Wolber mod is making progress on the art part,

    This is a spoiler for another funny mod : latest?cb=20200418191157,

    And yes, we still work on that epic thing I've told you last time on Wirlywings, it will just take longer that expected (as always ^^)


    1. minespatch


      What's the story behind the kittykit?

    2. ADM


      Maybe it have something to do with Wickerbottom... hmm.png

  12. So just in case you missed it, I've launched that MC server for the forums I was talking about the last time, feel free to join it.
    All I need is your username so I can add it to the whitelist, see you there ! :wilson_love:

    1. ADM


      Here's the server topic

    2. GetNerfedOn


      a shame that a.) Minecraft lags heavily on my laptop and b.) i technically dont own it :(

      i bid you have great fun as you play :)

  13. No wonder why I keep talking about lobsters... here's something I'm working on atm :

    It's quite experimental but a interesting concept, the Robster is the main component of this mod, it also include a tool to control it and various modules to upgrade your mechanical friend (like luminescent augment, speed, luck, armor, battery, fishing or inventory size...).

    You can use the Robster to collect floating items and unlock new actions with modules, like scaring away Cookie Cutters, aggro hostile mobs, mine Sea Stacks... but the most important is discovering treasures ! While the Robster is underwater, he will reveal all sort of unknowns objects that you can collect and return at the surface, items change from the water depths, seasons and world events (Hallowed Nights and Winter's Feast).

    I plan to add more funny features such as Robster races, each player can have and control a different Robster as they are craftable from a guaranteed blueprint within the setpiece on the video (with the original Robster and remote inside). It should be easy enough to build a course and tell the Robster where to go.

    This will kinda look like these remote control car race you used to do as a kid, so give it a try if you have some friends to play with. ^^

    The mod will be finished once I have the assets ready (cause it's just a Wobster at the moment ._.) and improve some things left and right, I hope you like it ;)

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      I think it's great!

  14. 0.thumb.png.c651d4f57a31afba0304b1617a6e1afb.pngDecided to update my Steam profile with the new cute animated autumn theme.

    It obviously looked weird with the big ADMaxwell face so I've made (with my epic drawing skills) a doodle of Wirlywings, it's more appropriate I think haha !

    wirlydoodle.png.3a7c6bdce913ffac48300d29875af369.pngProbably going to change it for all seasons if Steam feels like adding the other seasonal themes.

    I guess I'll also update my images on other platforms (Forums, Discord) with it, cause the Maxwell image probably make some people uncomfortable or idk, it just feels weird with time.



    Other than that, we've slowed a bit on Cherry Forest 1.6 development to update some of the old stuff, first, we've "forgot" to add a portrait for the new Halloween Costume skin, so here's a WIP image :

    rtyuiop.jpeg Made by Claire and our friend

    And another skin is coming, the theme is... The Verdant ! :)

    1. minespatch


      Nice work doing consistent updates with her.:wilson_smile:

  15. Like I mentioned for @__IvoCZE__, I'm almost done with a worldgen mod.

    It will allow you to configure biomes, setpieces, ocean, and a lot of map properties :


    You will have the ability to decide where each setpiece will spawn and it is 100% guaranteed to spawn, the worldgen will not be completed as long something you required is not successfully placed, so you don't have to worry about a missing Reed Trap, or random setpiece placing, unless you want to have a surprise, which is also part of the options.

    Also, the mod use the original biome names but there's a description for each of them so you can learn what your world contain at the same time.

    Regions can be configured the same way, each biomes can be moved on a different area of the map so you can add your own islands ! There's also a random option to create up to 5 bonus island with the mainland, the mod support some modded biomes and region, so you can for example add the Sugarwood forest on the Cherry Island, if you have these 2 mods enabled.

    I've not included it yet cause it would require too many options, but I would like to make each biome placement configurable...


    There's more, you'll have the ability to select each starting variety, I personally like grass and saplings, but Juicy Berry bushes are my favourite so I don't play with Classic, I really needed a configurable option like this one.

    Important assets like tumbleweed spawners, cave lights, slurper holes and many others basic ressources percent can be adjusted in the options. It's much better than how Vanilla world settings change it.

    You can also move the portal location, to spawn on another biome, yet I've noticed we can only add the portal on a mainland biome so I've not added Moon Island start yet, but I will make this work.

    That's all for the moment, but if you have any idea to improve worldgen, suggest here!

    This mod is supposed to make perfect maps according to your preferences. ;)

  16. Finally released a new mod after more than year of inactivity, feels good man.

    (yea it's the worldgen mod, go get some fun playing on cursed maps!)

  17. Hey ! First status update cause I have to make one on my mod activity :wilson_curious:

    Activity ?

    It's been a while since I've published or updated a mod but I hope I will return to modding soon enough, but consider this "soon" the same as the one I've been using for my signature, speaking of which...

    Sweepy Mod ?

    I've started a Sweepy bot mod some time ago but I've not made any progress on it since I added the signature only because I returned to my job, so I have less time to make mods and I rather enjoy playing games tbh, so sorry about that if any of you have been waiting for cool ONI stuff in DST.

    Food Not Included ?

    Since I'm on ONI topic, I have to make an announcement about a very old project I've started like 2 years ago, I've already told my friends this mod was dead but I have to clarified this here as I've made a thread on FNI before.

    Why closing the project ? Mostly because DST cannot support it, I just finished the worldgen just to figure nobody could have the performance to run this in multiplayer and playing singleplayer would be dumb and you would have terrible FPS anyway. I'm sad that I cannot continue on this one but I don't have another solution. Sorry :/

    Cherry Forest ?

    Some good news at least ! Yep, I'm still working on this mod, I actually never stopped but as I've already stated I'm bad at drawing so I'm looking for help on this part to keep on the development (and rework, there's a lot to do...)

    and yeah, someone have been a cutie and joined us on the Cherry Forest adventure so expect some new stuff one day or another, but I can tell what we're working on is quite awesome ! :)

    Well, that's all !

    I just had to explain you all this, so if someone ask you what the hell ADM is doing (for any reason...), just mention this status update, I'll be more active in a moment, I just have to stop doing stupid stuff and manage my free time.

    But yeah don't you worry, I'm okay and I will make new Maxwell Memes :


    (new video, probably this week)