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  1. Here's a preview of a new boss fight / boss transformation you'll soon have on Cherry Forest.

    I'll be providing all the stats and ability + details on the discord when the update is out and probably prepare a sort of event around it if I can find something funny to do with it.

    But for the headlines... get prepared for poison, 10 different flower buffs, brambles, nettles, some unexpected guest :distracted:, aoe attacks and moooore !

    1. minespatch


      Walter's worst nightmare. :wilson_sneaky:

  2. I know, I haven't posted memes for months, the place is flooded with amogus memes already... but sorry I've just noticed this during loadings.
  3. That is such a wonderful idea, not only I just love the idea of having platforms that aren't affected by wave physic (that I'm kinda worried about with the new biome and gators spawning/sinking...) and possibly a bunch of shenanigans boats would have on the way, but that would also be a great to have some different shapes and eventually have these with a slight elevation to start implementing such things in the game. Doesn't seems to be part of your concept but gosh that would be sick.
  4. As far I tried, vines can respawn but only from the giant trunks (the big worldgen ones) if you hit them with your boat under the condition there is not enough vines around (burnt or just too few of them), so yeah it's always within the biome in any case it seems I think it's safe to assume worldgen haven't been touched for the land biomes, there always was nice unexpected random-sized water holes within biomes, it's between uncommon and rare depend of how useful you expect them to generate but never really looked into their odd of generating and reason to be here, the cool thing is that they'll finally be a little more useful than before !
  5. The whistle works for all sort of dens like dropper webs and even spilagmite, so I think the cocoons here should also work with it. I was first thinking it doesn't work because it was on water but even if they are spawned on land the spiders still doesn't go out.
  6. And another one with the salt formations, these things fly really far uh ? Edit : okay tried again, it seems they return to their correct place when you restart the server, but this is how it reacts for me when they drop 2021-07-27 01-54-40.mp4
  7. Oh alright, so I just did some further testing as the first time I tried I was only getting twigs, but it seems that they do drop nuts but in absolutely random places, like for real I got one in the void after it spawned :
  8. There wasn't much I really wanted to talk about on that update, I'm really just fine about the content added which is going to be quite useful for different characters and overall brings alternative farming methods and little resources I find cute. However there's one thing that feels (and looks ) quite incomplete rn, the Knobbly Trees and Above-Average Tree Trunk. There's obviously a lot of thing that will be fixed and tweaked during the beta so we can only wish this update is going to give out nice extra feature during the development. Before doing my part and say what I'm unsatisfied about, I just wanted to point out what's good about them, 2 things. The first being they are SUPPOSED to be relocatable and regrow because of their big nuts (it's gonna be hard to remaining serious naming them like that) that are normally guaranteed to loot at full stage and even respawn from the biggest trunks of the biome, yet they don't seems to be looted or obtained in any way I've looked, I hope there will be a fix about this quite fast as they're just unusable in survival unless I missed something. So unfinished part aside it means you'll have the ability to obtain them, plant them and even use the Tree Jam to get this result and have wonderful trees around your base : And that is the second neat part because they aren't only decorative but also provide shade which prevents wildfire, so we cannot say this whole tree idea is rushed, it's amazing. But outside of that, something's missing, we've just got a new fruit but this one is really just a small grind to obtain to me given they'll be mostly used to grow just even more trees, there's no way to get figs outside of the giant trunks of the biome so I would only expect replanted ones get the ability to grow vines, even if the vines can only be over water. I'd be glad to have a boat to row around to get figs (even if usually players would just make tons of boats for bridges lol), that would be simply nice and growing these trees would be less of a bigger deal than it needs to be, as anyway we need to go to its biome to renew the nuts. To be fair it is a bit sad this tree only has one good ability at this current state, as cutting them for wood would be just a waste of efforts, as for the normal ones that need to get their stump removed a very unusual way, and the big trunks would be probably only profitable if their wood loot was tripled or something, a trip to the biome is required and there's rarely enough figs in the entire world to grow lots of these trees. On top of that, I don't really expect players to take so much advantage of the fireproof base bonus as you'll need to make your base next to the shore or cross your fingers for nice water holes around there and there. So... yeah, good stuff but all it needs to be a great new entry to the game meta is a few adjustments and perks, hoping the most of you are looking for such upgrades. Lemme know what you think.
  9. I see some nice potent to the gators, if you teleport them they won't try to return to their biome by just sinking which seems to be nicely exploitable to make twigs farming better than with twiggy trees as they spawn them quite frequently, that would require further testing but that seems to be the top of their ability, using them as fighting seems to be as useful as making any other large creature involved into fights so doesn't look any more useful than the other things we have in the game, but the good thing is that they respawn anyway so that can be a easy source of leafy meat I guess ? To me the biome is okay, there's already Sea Weed micro biomes out of nowhere and that was fine so we just get even more small environments with plants and stuff, it's gonna feel really fill in the end so that's probably what players wished back then during RoT, we just don't know what the planned biomes are going to be.
  10. So tree jam can grow trees to their next stage, but I wonder if it was on purpose to not make it work on the tree "seeds" : Definitively not quite important or what but I wouldn't see why it's not doable gameplay side.
  11. This has been quoted probably over 200 times but I'm finally being involved to the count : To me it's pretty safe to assume RoT is finished given they already announced they're now working on content and changes updates (aka ocean stuff, QoL possibly ?) than actual liberalised RoT things as they were saying on the update posts before the Eye of the Storm. Plus it would be kinda fast to mention a new arc without finishing the first.
  12. Apparently the resistance of the Bone Armor is not triggered from meteors, I don't really know if this is intentional or not, but well, I learned the hard way...

    So here's the beginning of something amazing...

    In the end, there should be 9 different banners styles, with 4 colour variations so 36 different banners ! (and surely even more in the future :dejection:)

    Each colours has different abilities to upgrade your little gardens, farms, and a sick look in general.

    Now if you follow @Notecja's art topic or my previous posts you probably know how you'll get those...

    1. minespatch


      Lot of work but will pay off in the end. :wilson_goodjob:

    2. Serena Tsukino

      Serena Tsukino

      Wow! They look really pretty!

  14. Notka just finished the arts last night, I was planning showing some of it in the week but mostly the in-game new actions she got
  15. So yeah they mentioned water spider... but how about C R A B S ?
  16. 216B280C-98F9-43EC-9BE4-9672AA47D7D3.png.c0bcd5dc6d7305f2ed28354a42a1a9ab.png

    Almost there...

    1. Slagger


      This bee hive looks much much better!

    2. minespatch


      Terrifying yet compelling...


      Walter's worst nightmare though.

    3. Exoros


      Defeating the bee queen from this hive gives you 6 sugarwood tree seeds that you can plant to raise sugarwood trees of course.
      That is not true, just my imagination.

  17. Quote


    Btw it's Wirlywings / Wirly :wilson_dorky: got me laughing tho

    1. minespatch


      Whoops :wilson_dorky:

      My town is known for Whirlygigs(Vollis j simpson), so that's my confusion.

  18. wirly.png

    Claire just made this adorable artwork the other day, think you'd like to see it :)

    1. minespatch


      Has Whirligig gotten Little Nightmares crossover art yet? She'd fit the hooded characters.

      I like this piece. Very strong silhouettes. 

    2. ADM


      A friend on our discord (Nox) sent this lil fanart not so long ago, has nothing about LN but it's a start I guess ?


      Tho we have some concepts for skins with nice hoods, so we'll see later :)

  19. dahibeequeen.gif.e601e897141a6aac6e5e3129985520b4.gifW

    Would you hammer it ? :|

    (end of the gif is still not final stage... there's one more before... something.)

    1. minespatch


      Scared to even try. :wilson_shocked:

  20. An attempt was made to read that thing, even several... and whoever made that fond has to be brought by force to the Constant.
  21. Well I quite like so see their little smily face, but I think a fair upgrade to it would be if they played some sort of cherish animation to go along it, the BIG STARE in the void is what makes it off to me. Just a test here and I'm pretty surprised spiders could even smile but as they do, why not dance ?
  22. Ow, the poor little man... but uh, at least that stuff is very cool, it's been a long time since I considered playing as him.
  23. Yes please. I just hope next year the kids and Corvus get much more dialogues, it's saddening that you often have the same quote multiple times on the screen at once when you barely have a bunch of crow kids, feels quite uninspired but this wasn't in the top priorities of the event I assume. But uh, more on topic I think as RoT is over, the Constant's lore we'll get by now is not until important storyline character's refresh or the next update chapter given there is one (probably, right ?) Also I was thinking you were mentioning the Rock Lobsters before I see Pearl... these bad boys are surely super ancient and have seen lots of things going under here, too bad they don't talk.