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  1. So... we've raided a manor with @Le Rafistoleur and decided to build a random Nether portal to get back to the spawn, somehow ended right on a bastion ! The first one of the server so far, got 2 Pigstep CDs inside.
  2. I should have be more clear, but I was saying I wouldn't mind if the sprinkler had to be fuelled with water like OP suggest, or basic fuel like Hamlet's sprinkler... but yeah thulecite tier upgrade's a good idea too, the ancients certainly had some epic gardening stuff
  3. That's be very cool, I really liked Hamlet's Sprinkler with its connection to water, all it needed was fuel, I'm fine with the watering can type as well, both are good concepts.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been testing this first version of the new beta for some hours now and like always I have to make that little topic to say what I think of it. First, cause it's important to remind it for some, this is just a global feedback from what I've experimented with the update so far, with recommendations / suggestions that you are invited to discuss about as we have all unique point of views. I think we're all looking to help for such an important update. (Cause yeah, gardening with farms is my favorite food source in the game so far, it was just boring sometimes so I tried to make it more entertaining my way, so this update is very appreciated for veggie buddies like me.) Before getting in the soil... I'd like to express my disappointment about the decision with disease on this update. It's not really out of context but as I believe this topic can be tiring I'll include it exclusively in the spoiler bellow if you want to skip that part, but I encourage the devs to check it real quick... Okay now to get started with the new farming features we have to place a Garden Rigamajig : And I instantly noticed this thing and it seems off : When I place something in Don't Starve, however the string is Deploy, Place, Build... I expect it to have that green aura, so I think this isn't intentional has it has a very specific placer but I hope this will be fixed cause it looks... super weird, it also turns red when you can't place it but the filter is weird looking too. Other than that I'm getting used to this Garden Rigamajig and soil turfs, maybe some players will miss the Farm Plots but a very detailed gardening system is the kind of changes I love to see, I think it gives more purpose to multiplayer as well if someone feels like being the green hand of the group. Giving role option to players in this game is very interesting, not mandatory, so depending of the approach you'll get a different reward from your agriculture methods, neat ! Now yeah I like that new gardening stuff and all but it's... confusing at some key points. Starting with, nutriments : Here, I'm growing Eggplants, when I've first seen this plant grow on my tests, I thought it was going to be a thistle by the look of it btw, not important but its one of my favorite plant and it growed into the vegetable I hate the most lol. Anyway... If you look into your Gardeneer Hat logs, you can see that sort of info : You can see the best seasons, water consumption, and nutriment cycles of the plants you've previously cultivated. Yet as you can see on the two screenshots, the eggplant logs seems to suggest you to fertilize the ground with a lot of "Compost" (the yellow one) and dislike (?) the Growth Formula (red), with a neutral opinion about the "Manure" (blue). Maybe I'm the only one around who doesn't get how it works but the eggplants here are unhappy with the nutriments regardless of the amount of each types, UNLESS the 3 of them are all together. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but interpreting it the way I did made more sense to me, filtering the nutriments depending of the plant preferences and quantity sounds good at require more of the player attention to grows plant faster (especially as you can't fertilize plants directly now). Now on concern to another of the plant happiness requirements : The Tending action, it has to be done everyday to make the plant happy... I don't really like that. Well, sure it has been proven some plant species have good responses from certain interactions such as talking and stuff so it's a good attention to detail but this one is a bit too much, plants already require watering, nutriments, plus meet other plant social interactions such as avoiding rooting neighbourhood or friends of the same species around, those are good, and on top of planting and harvesting your farming fields at the same time, I don't think telling dad jokes to your plants can fit on the schedule. But if however we manage to make it fit on a moderate field size, it's a bit clumsy and uninteresting, this can probably reminds of the time ONI had the excellent yield status for plants. The idea of growing huge vegetable is nice, but if it can be done the fun way it's better ! I still have a suggestion for this one tho, tending plants should be done exclusively and automatically when you inspect the plant with the Gardeneer Hat or as Wormwood to make the job twice as fast, you examine the plant mood + tend it (both actions looks the same anyway), this saves time instead of doing 2 actions, plus removing the left click interaction while you don't have this hat will probably make it more clear for everyone between the tend, examine and inspect interactions. Sometimes less is more. Also one of the requirement : "Family" is the same for every plants, maybe this is a temp feature but it would be great to make some plants loners and other extra social or neutral. It's extra knowledge and it looks like a good one. I'd be looking into that ! On a side note I feel like the Food Tab is getting dirty and a reorganization of the recipes by order of importance could be beneficial. I think the recipes on top should be about food instead of the farming one, they're also quite more prioritized in-game than farming recipes. Maybe it should be more like that : Crock Pot Cook Book Ice Box Salt Box Drying Rack Bee Box Garden Rigamajig Mushroom Planter Garden Hoe Watering Can Waterfowl Can Gardeneer Hat Composting Bin ... Now this is something I had difficulties to experiment with (for spawn requirement reasons), Fruit Flies, I don't know a lot about them but I like the concept of invasive species for plantations and that they have a lord with a new follower has a loot. but... uh... why are these mobs HP sacks ? A Fruit Fly have 200 HP, the Lord have 4000 HP... o_o I mean, it's just a tiny insect, how can it have more health than hounds ? Also, okay it's not a boss or anything, but the lord doesn't have to be longer to kill than Bearger, 1000 is enough, it doesn't make a lot of damage or doge attacks, the fight is kinda uninteresting and the best thing to do so far is to focus on it instead of the flies it spawn around. So, maybe just lower the health and a proper kite & attack pattern would make it better for a proper fight. (also I wouldn't be against HD textures for this mob cause it is very blurry) The reward out of the fight is interesting at least, it's a fly that automaticity tend your growing friends. If we follow the idea of the tending & inspect fusion idea suggested from earlier, this will make this follower a sort of tier 3 Gardeneer Hat ! For when you don't need the hat inspect feedbacks anymore cause you've already learned your plants preferences and nutriment symbols on the soil. All you need is this guy. And I think that's it ! Overall I must say I like the update, that's for sure. The gardening system is looking good, all it needs now is a bit of adjustments and tweaks left and right. Maybe this post will help, and I hope you've all made it to the end to give your own feedbacks. Have a good day, you little green thumbs.
  5. @Mike23Ua you know what you have to do now. (YEAH THERE'S NEW STUFF ON THE STORE !!)
  6. I don't really know, moon stuff just seems to have the ability to corrupt forms of life into another, yet this is what happened with Wormwood, he's just a plant that have been moon-morphed. Other than that I don't think the moon offer anything more to the initial transformation, even if that could be nice.
  7. Exactly, the custom world owners will unlock a new page in the server's book, you can configure the whitelist there. Yeah ! When you open the server's book, you have a first page for public community world with the survival & flat world, and a second one for player world. Well, if anybody do that sort of thing it will be an instant ban. This is also why I've enabled the whitelist. Added you to the whitelist as well
  8. So just in case you missed it, I've launched that MC server for the forums I was talking about the last time, feel free to join it.
    All I need is your username so I can add it to the whitelist, see you there ! :wilson_love:

    1. ADM


      Here's the server topic

    2. GetNerfedOn


      a shame that a.) Minecraft lags heavily on my laptop and b.) i technically dont own it :(

      i bid you have great fun as you play :)

  9. Hi everyone ! Today's a good opportunity to play together cause the community now have a survival Minecraft server. But wait, there's more : as you will see on the server or this topic, I've included a bunch of social features to make your experience unique. Server, version and ID : Klei Kube : 1.16.4 The server has a whitelist : This server is dedicated to the forumites, anyone registered on the forums can join the server. Just reply on this topic or send me a message with your Minecraft username and I'll add you on the same day so you can play with us. Build your own world : In addition of surviving with the community on a standard world, you also have the ability to join and create public/private player worlds ! Everything is accessible from a book in your inventory or commands in chat. Get this book at world spawns if you don't have one, or use the command : /trigger klei_tools set 0 The Warp section of the book allows you to teleport between the community and player worlds, just click on the world name and woosh, there you are. The Tools section of the book gives you different options like teleport your pets and other mobs with you between worlds and entity configurations like Armor Stand or Item Frames properties. On top of that, there is a bonus Tools section to player world owners to configure the world spawn, make a custom whitelist or change the world game mode. The only rule to get your own world is to be ranked Member or over on the forums : I apologise to anyone who are only looking to play without socialising on the forums but you can at least enjoy the community world and join player worlds or even make it your home if the owner is okay with it. Less worlds also make the server more optimised, so feel free to team with other forumites instead of creating new worlds if you feel like it and improve the community world ! Now, if you actually want (and fulfil the rank requirement) to create your own world, this is what you have to do : Just like the whitelist application, reply on this topic or with a message for your request. Give your world a nice name, color, and description, it will be displayed on the book. Join in your message a world seed, you can pick any seed you want, just remind it has to be a Java 1.16 seed with basic worldgen settings. To help you pick a superb seed, you can try generating random worlds in MC and use the /seed command Or browse the subreddit r/minecraftseeds. You can also pick specific world coordinates if you want to spawn somewhere in particular, you can change the worldspawn at any moment with the server's book on the second Tool Pages (for world owners). So send me your X, Y, Z or I'll just pick a random one. And that's it, your world should be ready on the next day, don't forget to update your book when a new world is added. We also have a Flat World map in creative mode : Make your future house, buildings, redstone contraptions, or anything else with unlimited resources for your own world in the future, or to ornate the community world, you doesn't have to be a pro builder, just make us proud ! Little notes : You can only join the Flat World with an empty inventory, store all your stuff and retry, the only allowed item is the server book. You cannot teleport mobs with the bond feature in or out of the Flat World. Ender Chests are blocked in the Flat World as well for... obvious reasons. List of commands : The server's book has a lot of options, if you want to save an inventory slot, feel free to throw it away, you can use commands to replicate its abilities. For now, I've decided to make a limit of 30 connected players and 20 custom player worlds to see how the server performs. I might increase the world limit later if it's working smoothly or need some improvements. So be there or be square !
  10. My face when I connect on the forums, trying to understand why there's a locked hot topic :
  11. I love all sort of sea food, luckily, most of all the things I like from SW have already been ported for DST, such as the Seafood Gumbo, Ceviche, California Rolls... So I just can't ask for more ^^ But, maybe, Warly could get his Mussel Bouillabaisse if we get to have these in DST (Or change it to Moules-Frites as we have potatoes, I like both )
  12. Yeah sure ! But actually, I was talking about the server problem with some friends recently and I think I've got a good solution to run the server on the last release instead of snapshots. In compromise, I'll only run players custom worlds after the update so we can the old community world and then update it once the caves update is ready with a new map for everyone, or restart the server entirely if we're all okay with it. So yeah, the server will start probably on this week end. I'll see if I can make a flatworld without sharing the same inventory than the survival world
  13. Classic actually forces the Glass, Saplings, and Berry Bushes to spawn yeah, Default have a greater chance to have the classic type but you can have the other variation with 1/3 chances or something like that for each plant types. Highly random makes chances equal between types, you have more chances to have Juicy Berries than default but it's the same for Twiggy Trees, Grass Gecko... I personally prefer worlds with Juicy Berries, Saplings, Glass patchs, cause you can actually have all the others under this configuration, pretty weird move.
  14. So uhm, the server is pretty much ready in case you were wondering why I've not announced the opening... It's just that I'm looking at the actual news on the game and it seems we're getting new snapshot that heavily change worldgen and add important feature to the game, I really like what the Cave Update looks like so far, we're already having bundles, copper and lotsa stuff with the most recent snapshot so I'll be considering waiting a bit longer before launching the server if we do it on snapshot instead of regenerating a new map after the update, there should be no problem running it on these versions, but the game doesn't have proper retrofit, so the longer we wait, the better it will be.
  15. Not yet for these plants, there's mods that replace plant varieties but it's done without respecting the correct plant density (like, there's supposed to be much less Juicy Berry Bushes than Berry Bushes) or its spawn location if they're different (grass / gecko) It's something I plan to add to my Do Your Map mod, I'll ping you when I'm done with it (I'm currently working on other stuff so don't expect it too fast <3)
  16. So, I think that looks pretty interesting !

    1. -Variant


      OH! I love it! Love, love, love it!

    2. minespatch


      What is that character?

    3. ADM


      @minespatch Wirlywings from the same mod, it's just the Halloween costume skin I've made during the event :)

  17. Just when I've finished my first game as Smith, amazing story, I can't wait for the next, but I'd have too ^^
  18. I want them all, all of them, I'm asking for restock dates every 3 months or so on a topic and we still have no details. I understand that it might be complicated to get a production line and shipping thing, I don't know much about it but I have money to spend on that kind of stuff, Klei
  19. Also added the Cherry Moonlens cause I figured it was missing (and crashing the game if you tried to place the gem :o) )


    So after that I was wondering if I could add something like the Ocuvigil or Moondial, I got some sort of ideas with friends to make a "Mob pacifier", so far this is what I've managed to make :



    The gem seems to be too small so I'll probably rework it, don't mind the clumsy animations as well, I was just trying to assemble it :lol:

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    2. -Variant


      Gorgeous art.

    3. ADM


      Ha thanks ! I was actually unsatisfied about the moonrocky texture but I really had no idea how I could do any better than that after looking at other moon rock buildings in the game. I'm not much of a drawer but I have the feeling I started improving lately.

    4. -Variant


      You absolutely have, without a doubt.
      I think the texture looks fine, moonrock is one of the weirder textures to pull off anyways...

  20. C1CAE017-8117-457B-A891-A1D131EA5220.gif.2430ea8dcde58f96079f6cba86fed579.gifD1DB627D-6771-45B8-97FC-7064B25F22AF.gif.ca1a93a997c7d4e6d3e4a14e6fa60c49.gif

    I'm reworking some of the old features of CF these days and I've recently added custom animations to the Butterdragons instead or the Butterfly one I was using. What do you think of it ? Should I change something with the assets as well ?

    I also changed a lot their behaviour, catching them will be hardcore as hell and rewarding

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      a d o r a b l e


      the way they just stare at me is just

    2. minespatch


      Pretty cute, the animation is subtle.