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  1. Think I should show it there too, so it's finally here, Cherry Trees have been upgraded after 4 years of being quite unfitting in the game art style, it's now much dapper and pleasing to come across them !

    We worked on that for a bunch of time now with @Notecja on assets and Claire as always for sketching to make the tree season interactive, kinda like deciduous trees but some seasons even have multiple stages. :)





    (spring early and late)




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    2. minespatch


      The new designs have a natural look to them. The flower petals have a paper-fan like quality.

    3. Slagger


      IMO evergreens looks really ugly in this biome. I never used your mod but as I see from winter and spring pics, it looks out of style.

    4. ADM


      I'm looking to do some worldgen improvements before the 1.6 update so I'll keep that in mind, just need to make the biome background filled with enough natural structures and not just spamming one type of tree. :)