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  1. henlo.


    1. bruhmoment23
    2. minespatch


      So wait, you feed the bird meat in the birdcage so you can hatch birds with that hat?

    3. ADM


      Uh, yeah ^^ Basically you place an egg on the hat and it will hatch in approximately 1-2 days. At this moment you get from 1 to 3 feathers from the bird, Chaffinches might make a 4rd one but it's from their own behaviour.

      The bird type is random, you can get a canary out of crow egg for example xD
      I could make a fix for that but I'm not a huge fan of the idea.

      You have to wear the hat for it to hatch, dropping it or taking damages breaks the egg and it cancel the progress if you store it for too long.

      There's a lot of other funny features, like nest-less Tallbirds can transform it into a nest if you leave it near them, and I plan to maybe make Tallbird / Lavae eggs compatible too, we'll see :wilson_laugh:

      (It's not a craftable item, more like a rare possible reward from Watchers, the big guardians of the Cherry Forest we're adding...)