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  1. Like I mentioned for @__IvoCZE__, I'm almost done with a worldgen mod.

    It will allow you to configure biomes, setpieces, ocean, and a lot of map properties :


    You will have the ability to decide where each setpiece will spawn and it is 100% guaranteed to spawn, the worldgen will not be completed as long something you required is not successfully placed, so you don't have to worry about a missing Reed Trap, or random setpiece placing, unless you want to have a surprise, which is also part of the options.

    Also, the mod use the original biome names but there's a description for each of them so you can learn what your world contain at the same time.

    Regions can be configured the same way, each biomes can be moved on a different area of the map so you can add your own islands ! There's also a random option to create up to 5 bonus island with the mainland, the mod support some modded biomes and region, so you can for example add the Sugarwood forest on the Cherry Island, if you have these 2 mods enabled.

    I've not included it yet cause it would require too many options, but I would like to make each biome placement configurable...


    There's more, you'll have the ability to select each starting variety, I personally like grass and saplings, but Juicy Berry bushes are my favourite so I don't play with Classic, I really needed a configurable option like this one.

    Important assets like tumbleweed spawners, cave lights, slurper holes and many others basic ressources percent can be adjusted in the options. It's much better than how Vanilla world settings change it.

    You can also move the portal location, to spawn on another biome, yet I've noticed we can only add the portal on a mainland biome so I've not added Moon Island start yet, but I will make this work.

    That's all for the moment, but if you have any idea to improve worldgen, suggest here!

    This mod is supposed to make perfect maps according to your preferences. ;)