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  1. No wonder why I keep talking about lobsters... here's something I'm working on atm :

    It's quite experimental but a interesting concept, the Robster is the main component of this mod, it also include a tool to control it and various modules to upgrade your mechanical friend (like luminescent augment, speed, luck, armor, battery, fishing or inventory size...).

    You can use the Robster to collect floating items and unlock new actions with modules, like scaring away Cookie Cutters, aggro hostile mobs, mine Sea Stacks... but the most important is discovering treasures ! While the Robster is underwater, he will reveal all sort of unknowns objects that you can collect and return at the surface, items change from the water depths, seasons and world events (Hallowed Nights and Winter's Feast).

    I plan to add more funny features such as Robster races, each player can have and control a different Robster as they are craftable from a guaranteed blueprint within the setpiece on the video (with the original Robster and remote inside). It should be easy enough to build a course and tell the Robster where to go.

    This will kinda look like these remote control car race you used to do as a kid, so give it a try if you have some friends to play with. ^^

    The mod will be finished once I have the assets ready (cause it's just a Wobster at the moment ._.) and improve some things left and right, I hope you like it ;)

    1. Charlie Dark

      Charlie Dark

      I think it's great!