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  1. I got questions for you guys, as I can't always keep myself busy with mods...

    (mostly cause of the waiting time to have assets once the code is finished)

    So I'd like to work on different things for the DST community during this unused free time that I don't spend on others games I'm very invested in such as Brawlhalla or Dead By Daylight but I still have long periods of inactivity and making progress on my pending projects (mods or irl) are blocked due to the Covid or busy friends

    I had a couple of ideas that sound more profitable for everyone so tell me what you'd think of monthly mod showcases topics and videos dedicated to the forums. Not mine but mods that I liked from the past weeks, mod updates and author requests if someone feels like asking me to talk about their mods. I doesn't like much the YouTube platform but since everyone is used to it I'll upload all that stuff on my channel but the main interaction should be on the forums and probably cross-post the topic on Reddit as there is a lot of nice people on it that aren't here... even tho I try my best to suggest them to come by every time ! :wilson_laugh:

    Aside to the mod showcases, I think I will post discussion videos when I have suggestion topics for you so you can read or just watch, yet I have 2 posts to work on and it will probably make me more committed with a video format than only text and edits, which will follow after anyway.

    That's all for today, please tell me what of you think of the mod showcase idea : advices, requests or how you feel about it !

    1. ShadowDuelist


      That sounds good, there currently aren't many up to date reviews on mods. Orange has been showcasing some funny social experiments on weird mods though, which is really great.

      Personally I'd be interested in maybe lore friendly mods, community chosen QOL mods, or original (and not "gamebreaking") modded characters (Womp styled).

      Maybe showcasing someĀ gamebreaking mods sometimes too, but mostly for the lulzĀ :yaypigs:

    2. minespatch


      Mod showcases, especially if the people who work on the mod can reply to you.