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  1. Hey ! First status update cause I have to make one on my mod activity :wilson_curious:

    Activity ?

    It's been a while since I've published or updated a mod but I hope I will return to modding soon enough, but consider this "soon" the same as the one I've been using for my signature, speaking of which...

    Sweepy Mod ?

    I've started a Sweepy bot mod some time ago but I've not made any progress on it since I added the signature only because I returned to my job, so I have less time to make mods and I rather enjoy playing games tbh, so sorry about that if any of you have been waiting for cool ONI stuff in DST.

    Food Not Included ?

    Since I'm on ONI topic, I have to make an announcement about a very old project I've started like 2 years ago, I've already told my friends this mod was dead but I have to clarified this here as I've made a thread on FNI before.

    Why closing the project ? Mostly because DST cannot support it, I just finished the worldgen just to figure nobody could have the performance to run this in multiplayer and playing singleplayer would be dumb and you would have terrible FPS anyway. I'm sad that I cannot continue on this one but I don't have another solution. Sorry :/

    Cherry Forest ?

    Some good news at least ! Yep, I'm still working on this mod, I actually never stopped but as I've already stated I'm bad at drawing so I'm looking for help on this part to keep on the development (and rework, there's a lot to do...)

    and yeah, someone have been a cutie and joined us on the Cherry Forest adventure so expect some new stuff one day or another, but I can tell what we're working on is quite awesome ! :)

    Well, that's all !

    I just had to explain you all this, so if someone ask you what the hell ADM is doing (for any reason...), just mention this status update, I'll be more active in a moment, I just have to stop doing stupid stuff and manage my free time.

    But yeah don't you worry, I'm okay and I will make new Maxwell Memes :


    (new video, probably this week)