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  1. Hi. I run the game on Linux (did not start a separate dedicated server, everything was started from the game itself, the host game section) and at the end of the day the game crashes during autosave. Looked at the logs, I saw this: > PersistUserStorage is now /home/shoria/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether//DoNotStarveTogether/91394951/ ^ The problem, in my opinion, is that the path contains a double slash. Note: I have also tried (individually and together) the command line options: > -persistent_storage_root ~/Documents/dstSaves -conf_dir DST I added 3 log files, each with different options: 1 - default 2 - with -persistent_storage_root 3 - with -persistent_storage_root and -conf_dir But it didn't help either. Is it possible to fix this somehow on my side, or is it necessary to wait for the fix?
  2. Yes, you right, I got ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
  3. I know that logs from picture is not informative, but attach it just in case.
  4. Hi Problem started 3 days ago. I can't start previous server nor create new (Dedicated Server Failed To Start). After investigate i found that trouble comes after adding Caves to world.