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  1. Walani get tired. Thanks Klei for the updates Don't Starve, I am delighted!
  2. Thank you. I drew about 5-8 hours in total. But not immediately, for a few evenings.
  3. Hello, this is Wendy and Abigail!
  4. Thank you. This is for the design of the channel. But this is a good idea.
  5. It has been a long time
  6. I made it specifically for the group In exchange, I was given a shadow skin Willow! I am very happy!
  7. When not allowed to light a Christmas tree
  8. New sketches from the original) markers and paper
  9. Thank you! I invented them myself but I do not consider ideal original characters
  10. Hello there! I love this game as one of the best. I have some time to draw a fanart, and copy the original, because the playing style of drawing is very pleasant to me. I hope to get it right. Thank you for watching.