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  1. The premise of the game is to get screwed over to a various degree by things outside of your control. It is a survival game. Or should players decide for themselves when and how to get screwed over? lol.
  2. Doesn't the Ocuvigil keep an area loaded? It keeps some entities loaded for sure. Edit: People keep pointing out that it does not keep entities loaded, so you better trust them instead.
  3. Try using Electric Darts. They work wonders. Reeds regrow every third day in 3/4 of the seasons and are not that tedious to gather, especially when you have a domesticated Beefalo. Saffron Feathers can be produced in a pretty efficient way with a proper setup. Trading eels for gold makes it easy to amass. I'd say there are ways to take on Sea Weeds already. But yes, without Electric Darts / preparations you are toying with death at sea if you start poking them. As an added bonus you can replant the Sea Weeds on sea stacks closer to the coast later. Gold: Saffron Feathers: Reeds: Sea Weed replanting:
  4. After maaaaaanyyyy hours of DST my opinion of rotten eggs as useless clutter has shifted to a useful resource! They provide decent fuel for Ice Flingomatics, but more importantly, ~ 25 gunpowder (and thus the same amount of rotten eggs) is perfect for making minimal work of the Antlion. It takes 30 gunpowder to kill the Antlion in one blast, although then the loot will perishes in the explosion. After a 25 gunpowder blast the Antlion will burn for a few seconds and once it extinguishes can be defeated with a few hits from a dark sword. If I can get this amount of rotten eggs, or slightly more, on a yearly basis it runs at a very nice break-even. Nitre usually sits around in excess, since it comes from petrified trees and boulders as a by-product from rocks mining, which is carried out ever so often. Charcoal is easily obtained by growing and burning trees, which is nice, easy and fun to do from time to time. The only resource that keeps piling up no matter what is hound teeth. They just keep accumulating. >_> Rot can be found when traversing the world but not to an annoying degree, hence I won't digress. Feature wish list: - A pause function (even in the form of an in-game mechanic) (Klei, imagine the number of bladders you could save and urinary incontinence you have a chance of preventing) - Steam Cloud integration (would be useful for providing backups of worlds) - Crabbits & Pebble Crabs - Adjustment to sailing (an overhaul is in the works, the devs mentioned already...?) - A captain hat item or reskin - There is one feature that I've deemed important for a longer time but now memory fails me @-@
  5. Number one and three are very nice! It wouldn't hurt if any future official content looked akin. The Gorge map also had a vibrant and gorgeous art style, especially the spice garden, even though it was arguably slightly "too elaborate" to be true to the original Don't Starve art style (which is a bit "simpler"), although it still fit the other parts of Don't Starve Together very well.
  6. If the dust is loosely attached in different places you can try using a lint roller (the thing that is usually used for cleaning suits): Otherwise my best bet would also be to use a damp cloth.
  7. You can check your items transaction history at to figure out what is going on. Daily gifts should be dropping as normal.
  8. Chests have their contents pre-determined. Long ago (after the first Forge event) the devs wrote that content is set when the chest is created and when it is not opened. I think the same goes for daily gifts. If you start the game and disconnect / lose your Internet connection and open a gift it will still be displayed. When you reconnect to the Internet and start the game the screen with the gift will be shown once again and when you open it it will contain the same item as when you opened it offline. This is only a personal observation, though.
  9. Ohh. Sounds like our survivors ended up shipwrecked on a desolate island. Intriguing! I like that! Imagine if another type of shard was added to the game in the ocean, like sinkholes with caves on the surface world. PS. Requesting that captain hats be added to the game. Even a top hat reskin would take sailing to another level. Edit: Tarnation - it was merely content from a past event!
  10. Oh, boy, that is a great piece of information... and good news! My biggest fear was that the lost boat would be bouncing indefinitely between sea stacks and whatnot. I did continue playing for a few days after the incident, trying to mitigate the damage and scout for the boat on the ocean, but didn't have the courage or resources to head out on a longer expedition. In that case, even if it was bouncing around, it should be parked upon resuming the game and is hopefully in the same general area. And yes, it was floating towards the direction of the salt formations. I did scout the outline of the salt formation area but didn't want to proceed near the cookie cutters. If it has ended up there it is both good (near land, easily recoverable) and bad (potential danger in retrieving any flotsam due to cookie cutters), although that is another problem. Lose collision..? Like in "stop moving"? It's great to know that the Eye Bone washes up on land! Thank you! The shoreline was searched yesterday but no Eye Bone was found. Then the boat is probably out at the open sea. I am also not sure about the actual mechanics of boats, hence the lame questions. It seems like boat live their own life, even when off-screen, although I wasn't entirely sure how it worked. Thanks for the technical details! It is much appreciated and handy! Yes, I am the host, and it started as a two-player world with default settings but now it is mostly me playing it alone. Nifty command. The thing is that I don't want to resort to using console commands. For better or worse. It took some contemplation about even posting this on the forums, but now I am glad that I did. xd Asking a friend is okay but console commands are not for me, haha. I also discovered that you can hammer the floating wooden debris for boards. I straight up need to learn the maritime content of the game. Now to the question whether setting sail in the summer is worth the risk, since that season is around the corner. The days will be long and good for scouting and with a fridge onboard it might be feasible. Oh, the existential questions when playing DST.
  11. If you perish on a boat and revive using a Meat Effigy on land the healthbar of the boat will still be visible. Game version: Rev. 470691 5931 19:28:38 Edit: Removed double posted images.
  12. Mayday, mayday Calling all survivalist mariners. Yesterday the crew was of a boat was viciously massacred by an evil sea weed and the boat lost at sea. The boat is believed to have been unanchored, slightly drifting in south east direction (assume that an arrow pointing straight up on the screenshot is north). The boat presumably was at full health, was drifting at a low speed, and had a firepit on it. Valuable cargo include Snow Chester, the only Krampus Sack in the world, Sea Sprout Starters, a Walking Cane beside the vessel itself. Ironically there was another boat available with an Ocuvigil but it went unused since it had been used for exploration and was anchored at the far side of the continent. What are the possible most likely fates an unmanned drifting boat can encounter? Could it have bounced an a sea stack and started drifting in a new direction...? The coast has been searched with no clues of the boat. Out on the sea there are chunks of driftwood in two areas but without any flotsam. What happens with the Eyebone if gets lost in the water? Is it possible for a drifting boat to bounce off the coast and float out at sea again.....?!?! Addendum: If you go seafaring and bring a Life-Giving Amulet with you, put it on the deck or even the 120 second timer won't be enough to find it when things go haywire wrong since everything becomes an unholy garbled and cluttered mess when dying onboard a small ship. Also, a Moonlens might be imperative prophylaxis to avoid the same situation in the future.
  13. WX-78 looks kawaii while clockworks look sinister. We learned in the last rework that even spiders that look kawaii are pacifists.
  14. >Insert @minespatch art with the DST crew dressed up as the Ghostbusters here<