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  1. Cheating Forge

    A client side mod in steam workshop that people taking advantage of to get to the leaderboard. what i want to know is why eveyone using such thing! it's breaking the game and taking the fun part away, and i believe there should be no leaderboard and no tournament as long as such mod is out there.
  2. I wish we can get an option to set the whole outfit for the character, just like the hallow nights temporary skins.
  3. I live in Saudi Arabia too and i play on steam, i usually get like 90 to 130 ping, and my experience on the european servers is not bad at all. You can play on Klei offical servers and you can always make your own server.
  4. Please more cloth

    That is really useful, thanks for the information Mychon.
  5. Can we have the cloth as an essentials in the tool store? as you can see in the screenshot it's already the lush season and i have wasted a lot of onics to get the cloth.