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  1. +1 to this Jump on existing boat => crash Make a new boat then jump on => crash
  2. Thank for your reply, I know how to make a tool that can do multiple actions, what i actually want is to make an object that can be digged up (by a shovel) and smashed (by a hammer)
  3. Anyone know how to add more than 1 workable component to an object? Like if my char equip a hammer, he can smash that object, if my char equip a shovel, he can dig it, and so on with axe/pickaxe?
  4. When client B/C/D/..etc move far away from client A, their inst in "AllPlayers" table will get removed because they are out of range of client A's network view. Is there any way i can prevent it? Or is it hard-coded?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I couldn't find any other mod that can increase Inv size beside "More Inventory" mod (24 slots only) for DST. So i made my own. dont_starve_compatible = true reign_of_giants_compatible = true dst_compatible = true all_clients_require_mod = true clients_only_mod = false If you like it, download and enjoy