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  1. Worked fine a few days ago but since yesterday, I went to go catch some glowflys and it does the animation but doesnt catch the Glowfly and uses the Bug nets durability, Also had another weird bug happen where i entered my house and heard a weird sound so i left my house right away to see what was up and i got teleported to the clouds and was stuck outside the map! Not sure if these were reported yet but figured i would leave them incase.
  2. True, A man can dream though right!! Would look soo cool
  3. Would the Bumble spear skin ever be usable on the Battle spear, Feels left out man
  4. Do you know if they got the Halloween items like the spider ring and candy and so on
  5. Theres one on the steam market for 32.45 how i got here was like wtf never seen that before
  6. Thanks for your help Did they get the Halloween skins ?
  7. Are there skins or any clothing in the ps4 dst game like the pc version