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  1. does posible to mod a character for avoid using a tab? for example avoid wilson for using magic tab, Wigfrid fomr using food tab or webber the dress tab and their respectives recipes?
  2. fine i will try work over "function Controls:ToggleMap()", appears to be the funtion calling the map on screen
  3. Hi, basicly i want to make a mod similar as better compass, but instead of reveal the map, hide map if you dont equip the compass. I was looking some way to do it, 2 ways i think should be paths are working with a keyfuntion change (a realy bad idea for modding in any game) the other is get an black overlay over the map screen. Someone knows other better way? block the function of calling the map is mybe a way but i dont know if the script let you block a funtion temporaly (or something similar) some idea?
  4. beefalo visual glich - 441620

    aparently is serius poison mod, make glisches and error with beefalo files
  5. im haviang an old glitch about beefalos making invisible in some position, i read it was an old glitch that should be fix. i have a full of mod but non of them changes animation or sprites of beefalos. they still shows shadows under them. the build is 341620.
  6. Pickle It

    hey, where in the code you set the probability for growing types seed in the files? Its a great mod!
  7. Smarter Crock Pot

    hi, is posible in a future version add a fuel slot (log or coal) for cooking to make it more realistic?