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  1. So far a bit of progress... Still long ways to go... Dont Darken Together.rar
  2. Hello:If you get a crash, incompatible MOD due to an update, error, etc, please let me know here in the comments section below. Most importantly, I made this with all the intention for you, all gamers, to have fun. So, HAVE FUN!
  3. Version 1.6.8


    (October, 20, 2016) Dont Darken Together Version: 1.6.8 Special thanks to rezecib, DrGrammar, Lumisteria, Indie-ana Jones/Mario384, ekoneko9, and Tiniflake. Also I give credit to Farxodor, which had files stolen from rezecib to make his MOD (Good going, mate). all gamers previously mentioned contributed on inspiring me to make my MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Special thanks to SuperDavid from Klei Forums for supervising me during the making of this MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Hi, [h1]Darkaisa[/h1] here: Some official game updates have caused a disparity between characters PVP balance and in my opinion when Klei Entertainment releases an update nerfing or buffing a character in Don't Starve Together they execute with an overextension. A lot of details about some characters nerf or buffs were not welcome by the mayority of the gaming community, but I personally like every character's overall theme, so I took some steps to change these overextensions. I am interested in making the game more enjoyable by revising every character's attributes. I hope this MOD eventually becomes the player's "game retreat" instead of losing interest in the game by frustration, grindin, lack of friends, going to play another game, etc. I will try to keep working every character as I go, by updating this MOD on a frequent basis "At least once a year... Joking!". http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778204671 http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/1596-dont-darken-together/ [h1]Important Goals[/h1] Make the game more fun for players by adding increased survivavility and diversity for every character, in a global scale, to make the game more enjoyable Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. Changelog: Version: 1.6.8 - Item stack has been doubled for almost all items - Update compatibility fix Version: 1.6.7 - Hot Fix Version: 1.6.6 - Hot Fix - Tumbleweeds have a chance of providing better items - Stalagmites have a chance of dropping gems - Wendy's sister (Abigail) is not stupid anymore. Her sister ghost will actually be useful and will follow the player instead of stay fighting the enemy when Wendy retreats. This will prevent unwanted deaths. Version: 1.6.5 - Bug Fixes - Shadows drain sanity, effectively canceling Maxwell's sanity regeneration over time if abilities are used beyond moderate potential - up to a noticeable sanity drain at maximun potential. Version: 1.6.0 - Added an expensive refining recipe for gears for all characters (You know, sometimes they're REALLY hard to find) - Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. - Abigail will be smarter and should resist stronger attacks compensating her slow speed. - Maxwell total sanity penalties are reduced to make the player interested in other sanity and health sources to compensate for the sanity drain when using magic. Version: 1.5.92 - Adjusted shadow characters ingredients to prevent infinite shadow spawns Version: 1.5.91 - Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.90 - Updated MOD main goals, extended and organized the MOD road-map - Upgraded Codex versions allow you to use stronger magic: Codex Umbra II, and Codez Umbra III respectively - Codex Umbra II allows crafting of Nightmare fuel at the cost of some sanity and health, and create the shadow warrior - Codex Umbra III allows the creation of the expensive shadow knight - Shadow Duelists come in three tiers, with increasing cost and strength: Shadow Duelist = The crappy defender. They only serve as a distraction to escape danger Shadow Warrior = You can rely on them to protect you from monsters and aid you in combat against small enemies Shadow Knight = The expensive trusty companion to aid you in real combat, like PVP combat or bosses Version: 1.5.82 -Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.81 -Bug Fixes - Maxwell's "DARK MAGIC" creates a more diverse set of disadvantages to compensate for balance, in other words - a more diverse set of disadvantages for Maxwell instead of the current focus of fragility and battle inefficiency. Version: 1.5.8 -Added MOD support on Steam discussions and Klei Entertainment Forum Version: 1.5.6 -Fixed Maxwell's exaggerated sanity drain in some situations Version: 1.5.5 -Fixed the MOD not allowing the player to start a server Version: 1.5.4 -Fixed the game crash bug when using the MOD Version: 1.4.1 - Upgraded the synergy bonus of character abilities to encourage players to work together - Maxwell had a slight ammount of health increased Version: 1.3.4 - Fixed error that caused crash upon trying to host a game Version: 1.3.3 [h1]Stat Changes[/h1] Maxwell now has 100 health (from 75) Sanity regeneration now 10/min (from 6.67/min) Maxwell loses his sanity regeneration while wet Maxwell loses sanity regeneration per shadow beyond the first shadow Maxwell's dark magic negates some beneficial resources, so he receives only 75% of from food and healing items [h1]Shadows[/h1] Shadows no longer require weapons or tools, only requires nightmare fuel, and enough sanity. Shadows can be given hats v1.3.2 - Added purple gems to codex upgrade cost v1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with shadows wearing eyebrellas v1.3 - Shadows may be given hats - Health of higher level shadow warriors reduced, exchanged for damage reduction - Shadow damage reduction is overridden by helmet damage reduction v1.2.1 - Compatibility with latest beta release, should be backwards compatible with the base game. v1.2 - Added configuration - Reduced shadow sanity drain slightly - Reduced healing from items - Reduced file size significantly - Swapped weapon of shadow solider and knight (I guess this makes more sense, since the dark sword is technically stronger) v1.1 - Added third tier codex and duellist. - Added images. ---Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are trademarked and are the properties of Klei Entertainment--- Dont Darken Together.rar
  4. I had to make many small changes for making a server on the Klei Network with the MOD activated. Anyways, it works now. I added you to the credits in the read me file. Thank you!
  5. Thank you, let's see how Steam behaves with the fixed MOD now. You are very kind.
  6. The MOD has been added. It's called "Dont Darken Together".
  7. When I manually transfer the mod to the mod directory on Don't Starve Together game the mod works great and as intended, but after removing all mods and restoring the directories back to normal and I upload the MOD to steam and subscribe to it, I can launch the game fine towards the game's main menu, but as soon as I hit "Host Server" or "Mods" my game crashes with no error code. Windows just says there was an error in the application. Can somebody help me, pretty please? I added the whole MOD to the attached files as well as the error message. Thanks to this great community for helping. Dont Darken Together.rar
  8. Thanks for your help. I have another question. If I want to change s character stat, I imagine that's not " GLOBAL". How do I do it?
  9. Thanks for your help. I have another question. If I want to change a character stat, I imagine that's not " GLOBAL". How do I do it?
  10. jajaja, nice way to remind me of me. Thank you, fellow gamer. I will try all I learned through this forum.
  11. And I can do that below other code lines in the modmain.lua file? I do not need a LOCAL -- END tag or anything like that?
  12. OK, I'm going to start with baby steps. Let's start with tuning. I want to change a few variables in tuning.lua. How or what do I need t write on modmain.lua? Do I need to do something like LOCAL GLOBAL.TUNING...... bla bla bla I'm not being rude in any way, I was actually laughing while writing this, but there's no way to express a friendly attitude in text. Can anybody help me step by step how to change tuning.lua in the modmain.lua?
  13. Hello. I am a casual modder, meaning I have made "light" mods for other games before, however due to the complexity of this game's modding system I feel that I need to ask this beautiful community (Yes, I read some topics before writing this and the people here amazed me) to help me find out what I'm doing wrong on my MOD. My mod is about adding a bit less difficult time on some characters while trying to change some global tweaks to make life less complicated for all players. This is the "modsettings.lua" that I got after trying to use my mod: -- Use the "ForceEnableMod" function when developing a mod. This will cause the -- game to load the mod every time no matter what, saving you the trouble of -- re-enabling it from the main menu. -- -- Note! You shout NOT do this for normal mod loading. Please use the Mods menu -- from the main screen instead. --ForceEnableMod("kioskmode_dst") -- Use "EnableModDebugPrint()" to show extra information during startup. --EnableModDebugPrint() -- Use "EnableModError()" to make the game more strict and crash on bad mod practices. --EnableModError() My mod should be uploaded and attached as a zip file. Please, help? Dont Darken Together.rar Edit: If nobody can help me with the whole mod, then at least I want help to use the "tuning.lua" effectively. Thanks in advance to the community for your help.