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  1. It does seem to look the same no matter what angle you view it from.
  2. Here are some age headcanons I thought of. With WX and Wilbur it's hard to tell their age, as they're both non-human. Wendy and Webber are the youngest, both around 10 to 12. Walani is in her late teens, somewhere between 17 and 19 Willow, Wigfrid, and Wes are in their early twenties. Wilson and Wolfgang are in their early to mid thirties. Woodie and Warly are in their early to mid forties. Maxwell is somewhere between late forties and mid fifties. Wickerbottom and Woodlegs are the oldest, somewhere in their mid sixties. That's what I think for their ages at least. Do they make sense?
  3. He does kinda resemble him, but Wallace looks a lot more grizzled and unhinged.
  4. Thanks! What do you think of my other headcanons?
  5. If you had any headcanons regarding the characters or the setting of this game, feel free to post them here. To start, here's a few of mine: Wickerbottom's first name is Wanda. Woodlegs' real name is Wally. The Beefalo Trader's name is Wade. Willow sometimes makes large makeshift cigars for herself out of various materials she finds lying around, often leaves and grass. Shipwrecked takes place on the open sea surrounding the island of regular Don't Starve, and it's where a character would end up if they tried sailing off the island. Webber liked and emphasized with spiders even before getting eaten by one.
  6. Alright, thanks. I may do a future chapter with her and/or stories about other characters making escape attempts.