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  1. Extractable Roe

    Version 1.0.0


    Open that Fish, and Extract that Roe! Notes: Use the Obsidian-Golden-Machete on Tropical-Fish to get 1 Roe & 1 Raw Fish. (The Same Method Used to Open Coconuts) No need to wait for Cormorants Anymore!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Craft the Trident, and Conquer the Seas! Notes: Damage: 34. Durability: Has 150 Uses. Perk : Does triple damage (102) while the player is on Boat. Crafting Recipe: 8 Gold Nuggets - 2 Blue Gems - 4 Nightmare Fuel Because Some Times The World Isn't Generous Enough!
  3. Snake Cage

    Thanks, I appreciate it .
  4. Snake Cage

    Unfortunately I don't own the Steam Version of the Game, but if you are willing to upload it to the Steam Workshop I give you my Permission to do that. ( Give me credit and leave a link to this page in the Steam Workshop Page Description and say that it was uploaded on my request, Thanks in Advance. )
  5. Snake Cage

    Version 1.0.0


    Now you Can Farm Snake Skins Like a Maniac! Notes: - Now you can Build a Snake Cage. - Will provide 1 Snake Skin every 1 In-Game Day (3 Skins Maximum). - Every Harvest will Decrease the Player's Sanity by 10 Points. -Will Decrease the Player's Sanity when Standing Close to it. Crafting Recipe: 4 Gold Nuggets - 6 Boards - 2 Venom Glands (When Hammered will Drop: 2 Gold Nuggets - 3 Boards - 1 Venom Gland) Steam Workshop Version(Thanks to:InfamousJackson): http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1322621018 Based on: Afro1967's Spider Cage Mod.
  6. Cozy Blanket !

    Yes I'm planning to do that
  7. Cozy Blanket !

    Like the "trunk vest" Google Translation : как магистральный жилет
  8. Cozy Blanket !

    I will work on it Thank you.
  9. Cozy Blanket !

    What is wrong with the sprite ? I wanted the Blanket to look simple !
  10. Cozy Blanket !

    Version 1.0


    This Mod adds a new item a Blanket : to Make you warm at winter and cold nights (Makes the player overheat if worn in summer or a hot day) When Equipped slows down the Player Speed (Like the Piggyback) The Recipe : Berries x2 \ Beefalo Wool x4 \ Silk x2 (You Need Alchemy Engine to be able to craft it) Compatible with : DS (The Base Game) \ ROG \ SW Report any Bugs In the comments so i could Solve it .