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  1. Today is the day of the pigs! Thanks for the new content, Klei!
  2. Yeah! The Year of the Pig King is beginning, ladies and gentlemen.
  3. Each one has what it desserves. I'm happy, anyway.
  4. "851,600 meals were burnt" (at the beginning of the event, I helped with at least 100k) "34,297,118 Items were purchased" (I did it) Thanks for the Gorge, it was a great event!
  5. Gorge is gone, but I feel the sense of accomplishment. Thank you and congratulations for the great event, Klei!
  6. Wes will be able to convince Gnaw with his words. After all, he's very persuasive...
  7. That's it, Klei! I was hoping for it. Thank you.
  8. I think it's because the drops management server runs apart from the game client updates. So we can continue to drop items by the date set for this. Even though the event has been finalized in the game.
  9. I think the drops are random. What the game's Wiki says is basically what I've always seen happen: "Skins are collected at random times while playing on a DST server, and the timing is weighted so that users who play an average amount of DST in a week should get a few gifts, and those that play a decent amount should get the full four. The player can get a maximum of 4 skins from random drops per week; this count resets every Thursday around 1pm PST, before Klei's weekly Twitch broadcast."
  10. Thank you! Technically, it's not my first Elegant drop. But it is the first item of value I received after more than 1k hours played! HAHAHA About Woody Woodpecker, it was my favorite cartoon as a kid. I did not imagine anyone would recognize the reference.
  11. In all these years, in this vital industry, this is the first time that this happens to me...
  12. I'm looking forward to it, thank you! I know, but I'm trying to help.
  13. @V2C, is Roseate Wes still cursed when eat? Please, fix it!
  14. This was Klei's response to the players who asked this on Twitter: "Winter's Feast will hopefully be on console some time in the new year. Events on console require a significant amount of additional work and steps to release. We'll let everyone know once we know the specifics."