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  1. I think so. It sure! I had this on my birthday: I know it's a little late, but happy new year everyone.
  2. The event was incredible! Once again, thank you all for everything.
  3. I just did this to my Vito Corleone Funko, and I hope he forgives me. Is it valid? (I hope so) ... Happy Halloween, friends!
  4. Putting any saddle on Woby causes crash in game.
  5. Thanks! Happy birthday to you. Be happy and enjoy the day!
  6. Today is my birthday (it's not an April fool's joke. Okay?). This was the refresh I expected for my boy! I'm going to consider this a special gift. Thank you, Klei!
  7. Forgive me ... Warly's mom is so cute, but I had to do that.