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  1. Suddenly, a cupboard opened on its own, releasing a floating kettle. It sure was a sight to behold. As if by an invisible hand, slowly, but steadily, it moved over the spiders. The kettle set down in the sink before filling with water. Incidentally, the General was watching the events unfold and having a quiet chuckle.
  2. The General sighed, moved to the toilet door and gently knocked with the back of a finger. "Hey, Ysuleah said they're sorry, they mistook sushi for maki. You know, the vegetarian one." This was, of course, a blatant lie, but the end justifies the means (A saying which gains incredible signifigance on the battlefield).
  3. After watching the spiders work for a while, the General came to a conclusion: "These fellows are working at laudable efficiency, despite the silly first impression their swinging and climbing onto each other make. They do not appear hostile, so perhaps we could initiate communication in form of chitchat. I'm itching to point out a few flaws and possible improvements with their system, that's all." But everyone was on about video games and wood, as was to be expected considering the circumstances. "As much as I'd love to outwit all of you in Age of Empires or Warhammer, we should not turn a blind eye to the dispute at hand." His head turned to @Ysuleah in anticipation. (Where is Dwarra?)
  4. "Let's see if there's some tea at the kitchen." The general was about to follow the dragon but noticed a banquette of sorts. "Hm... coffee? I guess." "Gah! Sugar and milk! Forget about this, I'm heading off to find a kettle and brew something proper." Surely all items of necessity are in the kitchen.
  5. "Well noticed... I suppose it is conservation of mass. Might also explain this mess of a dress.", showing his unusual coat to the viewers. "My throat is dry, too. I don't suppose any of you gentlemen have seen any beverage suitable for the drinking, have you?"
  6. With a loud grunt and the clacking of a plethora of buttons, Mr.P arose from the hard floor. He had quietly listened a bit, just to make sure he's not in danger. But as he fixed his eyewear, an expression of utter confusion appeared. There was no time to think about it. In response to the stares of people becoming aware of his presence, he tried to tip his non-existant hat. Fear briefly struck him. "Oh!" "Oh..." "Could be far more severe. Y'know, this might even end up being a bit pleasant." With these words, the General shook down the dust from his attire.
  7. Wilson truly looks starved and slightly bonkers. Despite this, your pitchblack hair and unforgiving stare, coupled with those merciless claws, make you the more frightening sight, moreso at night I presume.
  8. He's reminding me a bit of Planet of the Apes, except he looks to be more civilised.
  9. Chester is basically a facehugger. R.I.P. Wilson, death by making tiny chesters
  10. I agree you should not let your spirit down at this stage of developement.