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  1. Trying to make a thumbs up sign and failing, the skeletoast shrugged. "Sure thing."
  2. The Skeletoast followed Pyro with intrigue. Scuttling like a little crab as they hurried aimlessly to their destination.
  3. "Thanks bud. Felt like I was knocked out for a few weeks." The lil' bonemech wobbled for a moment before standing. Stretching its loose limbs.
  4. Bored, the little bone-mech headed in Ysuleah's direction. The suspicious lil' character could've continued whining and helping the spiders at the same time but curiosity called. The mysterious door pulled the creature in like a magnet. Causing Skeletoast to fall on its face. "GYEH!"
  5. "Being small suuuuucks! I can't even sit on a chair without help! You guys look like you're doing fine though, what's the secret?" Skeletoast answers, still alive, er, undead.
  6. Feeling left out of the group, skeletoast scuttled over to the working class of spiders. Their size reflected Skeletoast's own height. Moving toward a break in the spot, it studied their actions. Trying to figure out how it could help them out while the others played on.
  7. " Oh, me go? No, you go. " "PWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!"
  8. The accusation from Zena caused the bonemech to jerk back in a sense of indignation. "NOW WAIT JUST ONE DARN PICKIN' MINUTE HERE! What's with the accusation?! Just because I like sushi does not give you the right to judge my character! MYEH!" It whined, The skeletoast folding it's frontal limbs in frustration muttering.
  9. "Hey Miss Fish Man! I don't know what you think you're doing, but you're messing with a force too strong for this world! My love for bad jokes! If you continue this, who knows what shenanigans could occur! The very fabric of reality could become a sweater for somebody's grandkid!" The skeletoast said, stopping in his tracks, doing a bunch of dramatic poses, then falling back, doing that weird fake faint people do in movies.
  10. It took Skeletoast a few minutes to realize what just happened. "NOW WAIT A SEC! How'd you do that!?" It cried to Mr. Bones, scrambling on its little legs after the magical trainride.
  11. Skeletoast suddenly looks super offended. " >:O!!!"
  12. The Bonemech walked up to Paxtonnn's leg. Rather confused by the chefs its size. "That's a odd lookin' sight." Skeletoast glanced up at the monochrome figure above.
  13. skeletoast apology sadtime.pngApologies to the apology god.

  15. Ignoring Bones and MEzzal, the skeletoast hurried on toward the cornucopia. Jumping high into the air, finding its dreamfood: "DRAGONROLL~!" The bonemech stuffed it's mass with the warm sweet sushi. Ponytail swishing in delight at the variety of dreamfoods. Yet the analytical side of the fusion was rather curious over why the foods they liked were presented there. Something was up.